Monaco Grand Prix: Daniel Ricciardo 'screwed' by Red Bull mistake

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer
Red Bull F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo
Not smiling: Ricciardo was furious after his team's mistake cost him victory

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo said he felt "screwed" by the pit-stop error that cost him victory in Monaco.

The Australian was poised to take the lead from eventual winner Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes only for a slow pit stop because his tyres were not ready to delay him.

The problem followed a mistake costing him a win in Spain two weeks ago.

"I got called in and the tyres weren't ready. I didn't make the call," Ricciardo said.

"The guys were running around like ducks, I don't like being up here and being miserable because I got a podium in F1 and it should be a good day but when it happens two races in a row it is hard to take."

Red Bull F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo
Ricciardo (left) earned his first ever pole position this weekend

He had earlier told the team over the radio on the slowing-down lap: "Nothing you could say would make that any better. Save it."

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Ricciardo pitted a lap after Hamilton finally made a stop to switch from his 'extreme' wet tyres, which he had used from the start of the race, and had built enough of a margin on that tour to reclaim the lead. But the delay at the stop meant Hamilton blasted past as he rejoined the track.

He added: "I felt it should have been me. If Barcelona wasn't clear, this one was crystal clear. I took Barcelona on the chin and this one I don't know if I can handle it as good as I did.

"This is such a prestigious race. I may win it in the future but this one I will never get back so it hurts a lot more than any other."

As for any explanation from the team, he said: "Right now I don't want to hear it. I just want to get out of here. It will be talked about but now is not the time to do it."

Red Bull motorsport chief Helmut Marko said: "We presented it to Mercedes. Unfortunately, a lot of misunderstanding and not the right communication.

"We will investigate and find out [what happened], but it was a human mistake.

"We will check it, make an investigation, and then we can tell you more. I feel really sorry [for Ricciardo], all we can do is apologise to him."

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