British GP: F1's football XI on Euro 2016 final weekend

F1 football XI

When you squeeze Formula 1 drivers into a football team, it gives a whole new meaning to the term formation lap.

We take F1's biggest football fans and re-imagine them as players from the beautiful game.

Forward - Fernando Alonso (Johan Cruyff)

Johan Cruyff and Fernando Alonso

A master of his time? The purists will tell you Alonso is one of the most gifted drivers ever. And might describe Alonso's style as "total F1".

Supports: Real Oviedo

Forward - Lewis Hamilton (Cristiano Ronaldo)

Lewis Hamilton and Cristiano Ronaldo

Brilliant, creative, maverick and susceptible to the occasional strop. He's yet to throw a microphone into a lake, mind...

Supports: Arsenal

Forward - Sebastian Vettel (Miroslav Klose)

Miroslav Klose and Sebastian Vettel

With 28 wins from 46 poles, Seb's conversion rate is like no other. Wins on the big occasions - every time. Stick him up front - he's a born finisher.

Supports: Eintracht Frankfurt

Central midfield - Sergio Perez (Robbie Savage)

Sergio Perez and Robbie Savage

With three different teams in just six years, a journeyman who will make a nuisance of himself in the midfield. Lovely hair, too.

Supports: Club America

Central midfield - Daniil Kvyat (David Bentley)

Daniil Kvyat and David Bentley

So talented, such a bright future. But at 22 years old could it be over at such a young age? After being demoted from Red Bull to Toro Rosso, the rumours are he might not even be offered a seat next season. Like Bentley, who retired at 29, has his time come early?

Supports: Roma

Right-back - Nico Hulkenberg (Philipp Lahm)

Nico Hulkenberg and Philipp Lahm

Dependable, solid and has a magic moment in the locker but, like countryman and former Germany utility man Lahm, Hulkenberg is capable of finishing up in any number of positions.

Supports: Bayern Munich

Left-back - Carlos Sainz (Roberto Carlos)

Carlos Sainz and Roberto Carlos

Quick, powerful and, like when Carlos was signed by Real Madrid in 1996, could be set for a big-money move any day now.

Supports: Real Madrid

Centre-back - Felipe Nasr (David Luiz)

David Luiz and Felipe Nasr

Plenty of flair and might come up with something surprising now and again. Although equally capable of colliding with his own team-mate.

Supports: Botafogo

Centre-back - Jolyon Palmer (Alex Bruce)

Palmer and Bruce

Jolyon's father Jonathan was pretty good at driving racing cars, and Palmer the younger is yet to prove he has the pedigree of daddio. Only time will tell if he will end up as the Alex Bruce - who played more than 100 games for Jolyon's favourite team Ipswich - to dad and former Manchester United defender Steve Bruce.

Supports: Ipswich Town

Centre-back - Esteban Gutierrez (Danny Drinkwater)

Gutierrez Drinkwatee

Looked like he was set for the lower leagues after leaving Sauber in 2014 to sit on the bench for Ferrari. But, much like Drinkwater leaving Manchester United for Leicester, a move to plucky underdogs Haas could well reinvent his career. You can probably get odds of 2,000-1 for him to the win title as well.

Supports: Rayados de Monterrey

Goalkeeper - Nico Rosberg (Kasper Schmeichel)

Kasper Schmeichel and Nico Rosberg

Like Kasper, Nico is an extremely talented man when he puts the gloves on, but is quite a way behind his dad when it comes to titles won. Also, as events in Austria showed, he'll make it very hard for anyone to get past him - and will stubbornly stay on his line.

Supports: Bayern Munich

The gaffer - Felipe 'Little Phil' Massa (Luiz Felipe 'Big Phil' Scolari)

Luis Felipe Scolari and Felipe Massa

At 36, Massa is the daddy of the line-up, and while his legs are far from giving up on him, there's still a feeling that his career - with 11 wins from 238 races - is slowly winding down. So it's only right he uses his experience to orchestrate from the sidelines. Little Phil will need to grow a moustache though.

Supports: Sao Paolo

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