Austrian GP: Ferrari to test 'Halo Two' in Friday practice

Kimi Raikkonen testing the halo in his Ferrari
Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen tested the 'halo' cockpit head-protection device at the final pre-season test in Barcelona in March

Ferrari are planning to test the latest version of Formula 1's prototype head protection device in practice at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel is expected to do one lap with the 'Halo Two' fitted to his car in Friday's first session.

The device, designed to protect the driver from impacts with large airborne objects, is a modified version of the original halo tested in March.

The changes, to materials and shape, may not be easily spotted.

The new device is made of titanium rather than steel and has modified shape and dimensions.

Titanium is being used because it is generally stronger and lighter than steel, although this may not be the final material used when the device is introduced in F1 in 2017.

The medical team of governing body the FIA is also planning to evaluate the ease of driver extrication with the device fitted.

The FIA has told teams they should expect the device to be introduced as part of the new 2017 regulations, which are aimed at making cars faster and more dramatic-looking.

However, its final specification has not yet been defined as the FIA works out the best approach for maximum safety and minimum compromise to driver visibility and egress.

The alternative 'aeroscreen' which had been champion by Red Bull has been abandoned after it failed the official tests, which involve a wheel being fired at it at 250km/h.

The FIA was hoping work would continue on the aeroscreen with a view to potential introduction in 2018, but Red Bull has said it has put it on ice because it wanted to devote all its resources to its 2017 car.

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