Nico Rosberg: Attending testing, watching races on TV... is the champion missing F1?

Nico Rosberg takes a selfie with his mechanics

What do you do when you're the reigning world champion in your beloved sport, are recently-retired and have millions in the bank at the age of 31.

Perhaps you'd be doing much of what Nico Rosberg has been doing and watching a lot of F1!

The German seems to be having trouble letting go of the sport, judging by his regular attendance at events and social media commentary on paddock goings-on.

You are, after all, a long time retired....

Rich, retired and having fun?

Of the perks of being the retired champion, surely not having to participate in pre-season testing is one of them?

For the fans it is the chance to see the new beasts in action, for the drivers it often means lots and lots of driving around, analysing data and time away from home before the season has even started.

Rosberg, though, just could not stay away. He was in Barcelona for the first test...

Nico Rosberg
Can't stay away? Nico Rosberg attended testing - maybe just to wind up Lewis Hamilton

...and then, come the first race of the season, he was a keen observer.

He settled in for a bit of qualifying for the Australian GP very early in the morning in his Monaco pad...

Nico Rosberg

... and then got the family involved for the race itself.


It's got to be more fun than shopping for baby clothes, mind..


It's not all nights in front of the television and clothes shopping, however.

The German has attended a number of award ceremonies, allowing for the chance to work on his Salt Bae game...

Salt Bae

...or the opportunity to star in one of the greatest sporting selfies of all time...

Nico Rosberg

... or to produce artistic photos while he hangs off a rock in Monaco. Naturally...

Nico Rosberg

Has Rosberg made the right choice?

For Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, the answer is simple.

"No. As the reigning world champion it would have been nice to see him defend his title," Horner told BBC Sport.

"He went to the first test and he is coming to races, why not be behind the wheel if you are making all that effort when you were desperate to leave the sport.

"I can't understand why he chose to jump out but it his decision and you have to respect that."

Formula 1
Rosberg now prefers to spend Sundays cruising through Monaco, rather than hurtling around a race track for 60-odd laps

Verdict - is he missing his sport?

No, he's not missing F1. Not yet. Although travelling to Spain in February while it is still cold for seemingly no reason is nuts.

But, given Mercedes were beaten to victory in the first race of the season by Ferrari, maybe they are missing Rosberg...

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