Russian GP race gallery

Niki Lauda and a Russian doll
Gallery: Guys and dolls - what happened in Russia
McLaren fans
Someone has to keep the faith
Russian doll
A giant Matryoshka doll - in case you didn't know you were in Russia
Sebastian Vettel
'Good game...' Second place was a Brucie bonus for Vettel - he is now 13 points ahead of Hamilton in the title race
Felipe Massa Russian doll
Even Felipe Massa has his own Matryoshka doll
Sleeping fire marshal
A Sochi siesta for a fire marshal... It wasn't a classic race, to be fair
Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton checks his messages on the way to the grid
bottas and vladimir putin
Ever get the feeling you're being followed?
Daniil Kvyat
Local boy Daniil Kvyat looking down on the masses
F1 fans
Russian F1 fans go for a slightly different dress code on race day
raikkonen for ferrari
From Russia with love

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