Formula 1 testing: When testing gets... testing

Heikki Kovalainen
Clearly not the cleverest move of one's career, but don't feel too sorry for the likeable Finn - he went on to win one race during his time in F1, in which he also drove for McLaren and Lotus
Red Bull crash
F1 has barely started, and Daniel Ricciardo's had a prang in his brand new Red Bull RB14 during its very first outing - in the Silverstone rain. But he's not the only one to suffer during testing times...
F1 crash
Last year, it was F1 rookie Lance Stroll who came to grief in his Williams. Three times, in fact. But the 18-year-old could claim inexperience behind the wheel of very different machines to previous seasons
Mercedes driver
Ricciardo is in good company. Lewis Hamilton parked his Mercedes in the Jerez tyre wall in 2013 - and looked pretty relaxed about it. It's almost as if he knew he was going to win three world championships in the near future
Honda crash
No such luck for Fernando Alonso. In 2015 he suffered severe concussion following a crash in Barcelona - causing him to miss the first race of the season. Perhaps he knew he was not going to get near the podium for the following three seasons
Renault crash
The award for the most spectacular testing crash of recent years should probably go to Heikki Kovalainen, who planted his Renault firmly into the Bahrain barriers in 2007
Snow falls during barcelona f1 testing
Back to 2018, and crashing was the last thing on any drivers' minds - just getting in the car would be tricky enough as the snow falls across Barcelona