Formula 1: Who was your pick for the best-looking car for the 2018 F1 season?

Stoffel Vandoorne of McLaren

The first BBC Sport F1 vote of the season has closed and the results are in.

We asked you at home to pick the best-looking car for the new 2018 season. Drum roll please...

The papaya orange of McLaren was your winner with 23% of the vote.

Not far behind was Renault's retro yellow and black livery on 21%, with Mercedes' classic steel-grey exterior taking third spot with 12%.

Check out the full vote result and our new cars gallery below...

McLaren have gone back to the '60s with their papaya orange number
Bruce McLaren
It was the original colour used on Bruce McLaren's first car in 1967
Fernando Alonso
"The new colour looks really great - really eye-catching." Fernando Alonso likes it, but will he after the first race when we find out just how competitive it is
Haas launched digital images of the VF-18
Haas... struggled to stand out at most races in 2017, as did the predominantly grey livery

Vote results

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