Formula 1's best moment of the decade

Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso all feature in BBC Sport's F1 moments of the decade

For a 10-year period in a sport such as Formula 1, you would think there would be quite a close debate about what was the best moment.

Apparently not - the Canadian Grand Prix in 2011 received a huge 56% of our BBC sport poll.

To be fair, a two-hour rain suspension, five safety cars, and two collisions and six visits to the pits for winner Jenson Button - one of them being a drive-through penalty - kind of puts it up there.

But 56% is massive - the next most voted was Hamilton's pole lap in Singapore during 2018, with 16%.

Here's the full results, and if you need a reminder of the standout moments in our vote between 2010 and 2019, read on...

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German GP 2010 - 'Fernando is faster than you'

Massa and Alonso in 2010
We've all been dumped by phone, right? Felipe Massa's radio message from his Ferrari bosses came when team orders were banned in Formula 1; cue the most ham-fisted coded instruction ever for Massa to let his supposedly faster team-mate sail past and take victory - which we all heard and which precipitated the lifting of something the sport really couldn't stop anyway. Podium celebrations were... awks

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Spanish GP 2012 - Maldonado wins for Williams

Maldonado wins 2012 Spanish GP
A post-race pit lane team celebration shot. Toto Wolff? Check. Valtteri Bottas? Check. Pastor Maldonado? Ch... What? The Venezuelan, infamous for his incidents in F1 rather than achievements, took the most unlikely of victories in a seemingly uncompetitive Williams at a track which only ever serves the best designed car. He even regained the lead from Alonso after the pit stops. Shortly after the race Williams' garage caught fire and burned down. A fittingly bizarre end to an inexplicable race

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European GP 2012 - Alonso wins brilliantly for Ferrari

alonso wins in valencia 2012
It was a perfect moment for a man who had a far from perfect decade. Missing out on several title wins at the final race - including this year - Fernando Alonso did the seemingly impossible by winning at the seemingly-impossible-to-overtake Valencia street circuit in front of his home fans. In scorching sunshine he waved the Spanish flag and rightly revelled in winning a race in which he started 11th in an inferior Ferrari

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Brazilian GP 2012 - Vettel takes title from Alonso

Vettel Brazil 2012
All Sebastian Vettel had to do to claim his third world title was stay out of trouble. So on the first lap he found himself facing the wrong way after colliding with a Williams. Bring on a fightback for which many thought he wasn't capable, causing a deeply disconsolate Fernando Alonso to stare into the middle distance post race - with helmet still on - for what seemed like hours after seeing yet another championship slip through his fingers

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Malaysian GP 2013 - Vettel shuns 'multi 21' team orders

webber and vettel
"Mark is too slow - get him out of the way," Vettel calmly announced over team radio during a race in which he was told to hold station behind his long-suffering team-mate Mark Webber, after the Red Bull announced the 'multi 21' order. Thing is, Webber was too slow - for Vettel anyway, who defied now legal team orders and breezed past him to win. Massively awks!

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Belgian GP 2014 - Rosberg and Hamilton collide

belgian gp 2014
All season long Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg had been centimetres from each other - but at Spa one of them finally put a foot wrong. Rosberg punctured Hamilton's rear-left tyre, causing him to fall down the order. There were words exchanged afterwards - so, so many words

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Spanish GP 2016 - Verstappen wins on Red Bull debut after Hamilton and Rosberg take each other out

spanish gp
Max Verstappen won his first ever race for Red Bull at the age of 18. Incredible enough, but he had to rely on two of the sport's most experienced hands - Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg - making a right mess of the start and taking each other out. Once again many, many words were exchanged. Wonder if they talk much these days?

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Azerbaijan GP 2017 - Vettel's road rage on Hamilton

vettel hamilton 2017 azerbaijan gp
Following one of the dullest races in history the previous year Baku hosted the polar opposite 12 months later, when Sebastian Vettel barged Lewis Hamilton with his Ferrari after wrongly believing the Briton had slammed his brakes on on purpose during a safety car. With the world's jaws promptly dropped, they then hit the floor when - after a series of safety cars and general confusion on the tricky street circuit - Lance Stroll finished on the podium for Williams

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Singapore GP 2018 - Hamilton's epic pole position

It's never easy for those of us outside the car - or the sport - to fully identify when a driver does something truly special. But Lewis Hamilton's pole position lap in Singapore in 2018 left everybody in shock, including himself it seems: "That lap felt like magic," the world champion said. "I don't know where it came from."

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