Friday Football League date for Down and Armagh in February

Down's Ryan Boyle and Armagh's Caolan Rafferty battle in this season's McKenna Cup game

Armagh's Division Two tussle with Down will be one of two games in the 2014 Football League which will be played on Friday evenings.

The Ulster counties will play in the second round on Friday 7 February.

The other Friday contest sees All-Ireland champions Dublin taking on Kildare at Croke Park on 7 March.

The opening night on 1 February will see Derry facing Tyrone in Division One and derbies between Down and Monaghan and Cavan and Fermanagh.

Also down for the opening Saturday night of action is the Division One contest at Croke Park between All-Ireland champions Dublin and Kerry which will be a repeat of this year's classic All-Ireland semi-final.

The opening weekend also features Division Two contests between Laois and Donegal and Louth and Armagh while Antrim will open their Division Four campaign with an away game in Leitrim.

Round two will start a week later with the Friday clash between Armagh and Down with Sunday's games including Derry's trip to Kerry and a repeat of Tyrone's All-Ireland semi-final with Mayo, with the Red Hands having home advantage.

Round three will include two Saturday night Division Two contests with Down at home to Louth and Armagh travelling to Meath.

The following afternoon's games will include Tyrone's away game in Kildare and the Division Two clash between Donegal and Monaghan which will be repeat of this year's Ulster final.

Round four's programme will see Derry and Tyrone both having to travel to Munster for games against Cork and Kerry while the action a week later will include Division Two Ulster derbies with Armagh at home to Monaghan and Down welcoming Donegal.

The penultimate round of games includes Tyrone's trip to Cork on Sunday 30 March and Armagh's visit to Galway.

As ever, all the final round of games will have the same throw-in times on Sunday 6 April with the fixtures including Division 1 contests between Mayo and Derry and Tyrone and Dublin plus the Division Two clash between Armagh and Donegal.

Draft Football League fixtures

Saturday, 1 February (19:00)

Division 1: Derry v Tyrone; Dublin v Kerry

Division 2: Down v Monaghan

Division 3: Cavan v Fermanagh

Sunday, 2 February (14:00)

Division 1: Cork v Westmeath; Kildare v Mayo

Division 2: Laois v Donegal; Louth v Armagh; Meath v Galway

Division 3: Longford v Roscommon; Sligo v Limerick; Wexford v Offaly

Division 4: Carlow v Tipperary; Leitrim v Antrim; Waterford v Clare; Wicklow v London

Friday, 7 February (20:00)

Division 2: Armagh v Down

Saturday, 8 February (19:00)

Division 3: Fermanagh v Sligo

Sunday, 9 February (14:00)

Division 1: Cork v Kildare; Kerry v Derry; Tyrone v Mayo; Westmeath v Dublin

Division 2: Galway v Donegal; Louth v Laois; Monaghan v Meath

Division 3: Limerick v Longford; Offaly v Cavan; Roscommon v Wexford

Division 4: Antrim v Wicklow; Clare v Leitrim; London v Carlow; Tipperary v Waterford

Sunday, 16 February (14:00)

Division 4: London v Clare

Saturday, 1 March (19:00)

Division 1: Dublin v Cork

Division 2: Down v Louth; Laois v Galway; Meath v Armagh

Sunday, 2 March (14:00)

Division 1: Derry v Westmeath; Kildare v Tyrone; Mayo v Kerry

Division 2: Donegal v Monaghan

Division 3: Longford v Fermanagh; Roscommon v Limerick; Sligo v Offaly; Wexford v Cavan

Division 4: Antrim v Waterford; Clare v Wicklow; Leitrim v Carlow; London v Tipperary

Friday, 7 March (20:00)

Division 1: Dublin v Kildare

Saturday, 8 March (19:00)

Division 1: Armagh v Laois

Division 3: Cavan v Sligo

Sunday, 9 March (14:00)

Division 1: Cork v Derry; Kerry v Tyrone; Westmeath v Mayo

Division 2: Donegal v Meath; Galway v Down; Monaghan v Louth

Division 3: Fermanagh v Roscommon; Limerick v Wexford; Offaly v Longford

Division 4: Carlow v Antrim; Tipperary v Clare; Waterford v London; Wicklow v Leitrim

Saturday, 15 March (19:00)

Division 2: Armagh v Monaghan; Laois v Meath

Sunday, 16 March 16th (14:00)

Division 1: Derry v Dublin; Kildare v Kerry; Mayo v Cork; Tyrone v Westmeath

Division 2: Down v Donegal; Louth v Galway

Division 3: Limerick v Fermanagh; Longford v Cavan; Roscommon v Offaly; Wexford v Sligo

Division 4: Carlow v Wicklow; Tipperary v Antrim; Waterford v Leitrim

Saturday, 29 March (19:00)

Division 1: Dublin v Mayo

Division 2: Meath v Down

Division 3: Cavan v Roscommon

Sunday, 30 March (14:00)

Division 1: Cork v Tyrone; Derry v Kildare; Westmeath v Kerry

Division 2: Donegal v Louth; Galway v Armagh; Monaghan v Laois

Division 3: Fermanagh v Wexford; Offaly v Limerick; Sligo v Longford

Division 4: Antrim v London; Clare v Carlow; Leitrim v Tipperary; Wicklow v Waterford

Sunday, 6 April (15:00)

Division 1: Kerry v Cork; Kildare v Westmeath; Mayo v Derry; Tyrone v Dublin

Division 2: Armagh v Donegal; Laois v Down; Louth v Meath; Monaghan v Galway

Division 3: Fermanagh v Offaly; Limerick v Cavan; Roscommon v Sligo; Wexford v Longford

Division 4: Antrim v Clare; London v Leitrim; Tipperary v Wicklow; Waterford v Carlow