Football League Division 2: Cavan bounce back to defeat Galway

Damien Comer gets to grips with Martin Reilly
Damien Comer gets to grips with Martin Reilly

Cavan recovered from a five-point half-time deficit to ease any relegation worries by beating Galway in Football League Division Two at Salthill.

Jack Brady and Martin Dunne scored first-half points as the Breffnimen trailed 0-7 to 0-2 at the break, Dunne having a 27th-minute penalty saved.

Dunne was again prominent in the second half as Cavan drew level at 0-9 apiece and went on to run out the winners.

A 60-yard free from Martin Reilly helped seal the victory for his side.

Dara McVeety and James McEnroe also got their names on the scoresheet for Terry Hyland's visitors, who secured their first success in the League over Galway since 1936.

Michael Martin, Damien Comer, Paul Conroy and Danny Cummins were among the point-scorers for Galway.

Cavan manager Terry Hyland: "We fought very hard. We haven't scored a goal in the league yet this year but as long as we are winning, we don't mind. The goals will come eventually.

"The conditions for our last two home matches were very wet and windy - we prefer the dry ground like today. It's all about consolidating our position in Division Two."


Cavan: C Gilsenan, J McLoughlin, R Dunne, K Brady, J McEnroe, F Flanagan, C Moynagh, T Corr, G McKiernan, R Flanagan, D McVeety, M Reilly, C Mackey, J Brady, N McDermott.

Galway: M Breathnach; J Duane, F Hanley, C Sweeney; P Varley, G Bradshaw, G O'Donnell; F O Curraoin, E Tierney; S Denvir, M Martin, D Comer; D Cummins, P Conroy, A Varley.




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