Hurling League Division 1B: Waterford wallop sorry Saffrons

Antrim manager Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan's Antrim side suffered a disappointing home defeat against Laois last weekend

Antrim were trounced 4-30 to 0-10 by Waterford in their Division 1B Hurling League game at Walsh Park on Sunday.

A Stephen Bennett goal helped the hosts to a 1-13 to 0-5 half-time lead and Maurice Shanahan (2) and Tom Devine added further goals after the interval.

Waterford dominated throughout as they outclassed Kevin Ryan's Saffrons.

Paul Shiels landed five frees for Antrim, with Ciaran Johnston, Conor Johnston and Shane McNaughton also registering scores for the visitors.

The Saffrons were close to full strength on Sunday and the deterioration in Antrim's form since their opening unlucky away defeat by Wexford must be a concern for manager Ryan.

Following that game, Antrim were competitive in losing in Ballycastle against Limerick but the wheels appear to have come off over the last fortnight as the disappointing home reverse by Laois was followed by Sunday's humiliation.

Offaly's surprise victory over Limerick on Saturday means Antrim are now certain to face Laois away in the relegation play-off, in a game which is scheduled to take place on 29 March.

Prior to that, Antrim will face Offaly in their remaining Division 1B group game next weekend.



Football League Division 1

Mayo 0-10 2-18 Dublin

Division 2

Meath 0-13 0-13 Laois

Hurling League Division 1A

Clare 2-22 2-20 Dublin

Division 1B

Limerick 0-21 1-21 Offaly

Division 2B

Kildare 3-20 1-14 Mayo

Division 3B

Longford 2-16 2-11 Warwickshire


Football League Division 1

Kerry 2-13 2-11 Donegal

Monaghan 0-15 0-10 Derry

Tyrone 2-10 0-17 Cork

Division 2

Galway 0-10 0-12 Cavan

Kildare 2-12 0-24 Roscommon

Westmeath 0-10 2-17 Down

Division 3

Clare 1-11 3-11 Armagh

Fermanagh 2-19 2-10 Limerick

Louth 3-11 4-16 Tipperary

Sligo 2-10 1-08 Wexford

Division 4

Offaly 0-14 1-10 Carlow

Wicklow 1-10 1-16 Longford

Waterford 0-13 0-15 Antrim

Hurling League Division 1A

Tipperary 2-22 1-13 Kilkenny

Galway 0-20 2-17 Cork

Division 1B

Waterford 4-30 0-10 Antrim

Laois 0-25 5-22 Wexford

Division 2A

Carlow 3-17 1-24 Kerry

Westmeath 1-22 2-10 Wicklow

Division 2B

Down 4-17 2-11 Donegal

Meath 1-15 1-17 Armagh

Division 3A

Tyrone 1-20 2-07 Louth

Monaghan 0-18 2-12 Fingal

Roscommon 0-16 0-06 Fermanagh

Division 3B

Sligo 2-10 1-15 Leitrim