Football League Division 2: Down defeat Westmeath at Mullingar

Donal O'Hare
Donal O'Hare scored a goal and five points for Down

Down are three points clear at the top of Football League Division Two after comfortably beating Westmeath 2-17 to 0-10 at Mullingar.

Down led 0-9 to 0-2 at half-time and goals from Arthur McConville and Donal O'Hare within a two-minute period early in the second half increased the lead.

McConville had earlier smashed the ball against the crossbar with his fist.

O'Hare top-scored for the Mournemen with 1-5, with McConville contributing 1-2 for Jim McCorry's outfit.

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Jim McCorry was enthusiastic about his side's display at Mullingar

The visitors, who saw off Galway by a point last week, began the game brightly and built up a sizeable half-time advantage thanks to points from Mark Poland (3), McConville (2), Conor Laverty, Darragh O'Hanlon, Donal O'Hare and Kevin McKernan.

McConville's goal two minutes after the break was followed by one from O'Hare two minutes later.

Down manager Jim McCorry: "It was a very good performance, a real team effort which was delightful to watch from a coaching point of view.

"We put over some good scores and were determined not to stand off the opposition and give them space to play."



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