All-Ireland SFC: Horan hopes to push through second-tier championship

GAA president John Horan
John Horan says there is an appetite for a change to the All-Ireland SFC format

GAA president John Horan plans to bring proposals for a Tier 2 All-Ireland Championship forward to a central council meeting next month.

The proposals could see the All-Ireland SFC split with teams from Division Three and Four competing in a separate second-tier competition next year.

"There's an appetite out there within the organisation to go ahead with a Tier 2 Championship," Horan told RTE.

"Now is the time to grab that while the appetite is out there."

He added: "When you look at the championships in the last few weeks, you see great local derbies and great matches and then you see some games a little bit too big a gap in the actual result.

"With the big gap in results, if you look at the draw we've made this morning (Monday), you see a large number of Division Three and Four teams are already in the qualifier section."

"I think we will possibly get it through at Central Council - if we do we'll call a Special Congress in September/October to look at putting it forward to maybe having it introduced next year."

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