Joe Kernan: Former Armagh boss 'undecided' over Two-Tier Championship

Joe Kernan
Joe Kernan guided Armagh to All-Ireland success in 2002

Armagh All-Ireland winning manager Joe Kernan says he is "undecided" about the new Two-Tier Championship which was agreed by a Special Congress last week.

"I think we have to give it a go for one, two or three years and see how it goes," said Kernan.

"Too many teams were getting big hammerings and too many teams were finished in the first week in June.

"They had nothing then for the rest of the year while clubs were still missing players," said the ex-Crossmaglen boss.

Kernan guided Armagh to All-Ireland success in 2002 and remained at the helm of the Orchard county until July 2007.

"In one of my last few years with Armagh we played Munster and their full-forward line had a Clare player, a Limerick player and a Waterford player and they totally destroyed us on the day," explained Kernan.

"They had great footballers, but they wouldn't have been seen. Now with the second tier, you are going to see these players playing at a level where they have a chance of winning something, and if they win a prize that's great.

"There are national leagues and provincial titles, but very few teams go beyond that and very few teams can get to an Ulster final or whatever.

"So to have something now where teams can come in and have a chance of winning a trophy, it won't do them any harm.

"If teams work hard and progress and get more games under their belt it will only stand them in good stead for moving up to the next tier then, and you'll have teams coming up that are winning and want to go forward."

Kernan was inducted into the Gaelic Writers' Association Hall of Fame at their annual awards night in Dublin.

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