All-Ireland: GAA fixtures taskforces recommends redrawn provinces

Donegal celebrate after beating Monaghan in the 2019 Ulster SFC final
The taskforce, which was set up by the GAA in July, was hit by the withdrawal of the Club Players Association in November

Two key changes to the provincial championship calendar are among 32 new proposals that have been made by the GAA's fixtures taskforce.

The first format would see each provincial championship restructured to contain two groups of four counties.

A more radical, second format would mean the Football League is moved to the summer and determine the pathway for the All-Ireland quarter-finals.

The four provincial championships would then take place in February and March.

Both proposed formats would cater for a two-tier All-Ireland football championship.

The recommendations, published on Wednesday, have the potential to triple the number of club-only fixture weekends in the April-October period, compared to 2015.

The report will be presented to Central Council in January, after which it is intended for there to be a series of regional seminars around the country with clubs from every county invited to have a representative present to engage and provide feedback.

If adopted, the earliest the new recommendations would be in place for is the 2021 season.

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