Get Inspired: How to get into cricket

England captain Heather Knight holds a special training session for young cricketers

How can I start playing?

Tell me more about cricket

England have celebrated success in both men's and women's cricket, and as we saw in those finals, cricket can be dramatic, explosive and nail-biting.

  • Cricket is a social sport with many formats. Games can be played ranging from 15 minutes to five days.
  • It's a team sport, but the three key elements - batting, bowling, fielding - rely on individual skills.
  • Traditionally it's played on a field with 11 players per side but there are many ways to play newer, scintillating styles - indoors, local parks, playgrounds and, in some cases, cages.

Who can play?

If you want to play for fun or be right up there challenging for honours, there's a place for everyone. Here are some helpful links to get you started.

To get you in the mood ...

Moeen's England take on Birmingham street cricketers

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