Get Inspired: How to get into football

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Why get into football?It's a simple game, easy to start, and exciting to play, it's the most popular sport in the world for a very good reason!
Who is it for?Whatever your age, ability or fitness level, there is a type of football suitable for you.
Is there a cheap option?All you need to play is a ball, and a bit of space. Kit and pitches follow but there's no outlay up front.
What if I want a proper workout?Playing regularly increases your fitness and improves your skills and balance, while being a good way to see your mates.
Is there a disability option?National Associations across Britain are increasingly pro-active in providing disability football options.

July sees the biggest football tournament to be staged in England in over 50 years. Girls and women are taking up football like never before, and you can get started this summer.

Your country's Football Association will have a directory of clubs and programmes you can contact in Scotlandexternal-link, Walesexternal-link, and Northern Irelandexternal-linkEngland.external-link

Grassroots football

Beyond the affiliated clubs there'll be teams and leagues local to you, who welcome all kinds of characters to play and enjoy a game of football. Yes, there's a competitive element to it, but the common theme will be having fun,

FA People's Cup: Romance FC - the female five-a-side football collective

Community football

Gareth Southgate on Football Foundation community schemes

Football clubs all over the country work with their local communities to introduce people to the game. Schemes in Walesexternal-link and Northern Irelandexternal-link continue to thrive.

What else?

How to be freestyle football world champ
  • Five-a-side football is played on a smaller pitch, with more touches of the ball - and there are facilities all over the country.
  • Futsal is similar to five-a-side, but played indoor with a smaller, heavier ball. It places greater emphasis on individual skill and ball control.
  • Struggle to get the joints moving? Walking Football could be the answer. Check it out hereexternal-link and here.external-link
  • If you're more interested in stepovers than Sunday league, then freestyle could be for you. The video above will show you what's possible at the very top, but to get started click hereexternal-link.

Disability football

BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero for the North West Sean Bailey

Disability football is well served across Britain, with a host of different opportunities for different groups of people.

The English FA's Disability Football sectionexternal-link has plenty of ideas for playing or coaching. The Wales Football Trustexternal-link have a dedicated disability co-ordinator to deliver a fully inclusive programme.

Likewise, the Scottishexternal-link and Northern Ireland Football Associationsexternal-link aim to ensure that disabled people have the chance to take part fully and fulfil their potential.

Coaching and volunteering

Whether you have played in the past or just have a keen interest in developing talent, coaching opportunities are available through the Football Associations in Northern Irelandexternal-link, Englandexternal-link, Scotlandexternal-link and Wales.external-link

Use your skills to help a local club - find out about volunteering opportunities in Scotlandexternal-link, Walesexternal-link, Englandexternal-link and Northern Ireland.external-linkJoin In UKexternal-link can also help you find a club that needs your hands on attention.

FA People's Cup: Deaf Rhinos - the deaf team from Manchester

All clubs need a chair, secretary and treasurer to help things run smoothly as well as officials, coaches and judges. Whatever role you're interested in, Join Inexternal-link has opportunities to volunteer in your area.