What is Get Inspired?

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Get Inspired: Everybody has to start somewhere - where will you?

You've seen the yellow board flash up at the end of the programme, you've seen the ad on telly, you might even have been listening as Clare or Gabby or Radzi have talked about Get Inspired - but what is Get Inspired?

At the BBC we cover all the greatest sporting action on TV, Radio and Online and Get Inspired will help you find and get involved in the right sport for you.

Whether you are just starting out, wanting to get back into a sport or try something new, our website provides you with stories and easy-to-follow activity guides, with hints and tips and practical advice regardless of your age, gender or ability. We want everyone to get involved and get active.

Find out what found what activity you'd like to try on our Activity Finder and use our network of clubs near you and governing bodies to help you start.

Start by typing in your post code or preferred activity to connect to an array of activities from athletics to zumba and everything in between.

Follow us and share your stories of getting active on Twitter, or Facebook.

You can also send us your questions and stories via email, we want to cover grassroots sports and activity from all across the UK.

So what are you waiting for? Get active, get involved, Get Inspired!