Sports Personality: Previous Unsung Hero Winners

2013 Unsung Heroes

Grassroots sport in the UK depends on people who volunteer their time and energy to create opportunities for their community to get active.

We call these people unsung heroes, because often they don't realise themselves what a difference they make.

The Get Inspired Unsung Hero awards have been awarded since 2003, and recognise the remarkable achievements of people from all across the UK.

Some of the 150 Unsung Heroes who have been honoured over the last decade include:

•2013: Joe & Maggie Forber - Basketball, Manchester

•2012: Sue & Jim Houghton - community sports, Desford

•2011: Janice Eaglesham & Ian Mirfin - disabled athletics, Scotland

•2010: Lance Haggith - basketball, Bedfordshire

•2009: Doreen Adcock - swimming coach, Milton Keynes

•2008: Ben Geyser - boxing club, Dorchester

•2007: Margaret Simons - community football, Bicester

•2006: Val Hanover - Special Olympics, Oswestry

•2005: Trevor Collins - swimming coach, Isle of Wight

•2004: Abdullah Ben-Kmayal - football, Peckham

•2003: Nobby Woodcock - football, Newport

There is a continuing need for more unsung heroes in sport in the UK. If you have been inspired by this and want to get involved in helping grassroots sport in your community, visit the Get Inspired guide to volunteering, there is also a dedicated page for coaching.

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