Get Inspired: Meet Tracy

a notebook with Tracy's diary written on a post-it note

Deciding to make a lifestyle change sounds easy enough, but the reality is much harder.

Tracy Barwell is 44, a mother and self-conscious. Tracy has resolved to get active & lose weight in 2015 and we think she is probably not alone. In fact, we think there are a lot of people who have either made the same resolution this year, or have made a similar pledge in the past.

When Tracy came to us with the idea of using Get Inspired as her progress journal we thought it would be the perfect way to start a conversation about making physical activity a part of your life.

So, get to know Tracy because we'll be catching up with her throughout the year, checking in and asking for your input along the way. Here she gives us a very personal and very honest introduction, and calls for your help...

"My name is Tracy.

My New Year's Resolution is to get fit and lose weight and it is all inspired by my three year old daughter.

I had my daughter when I was 41 so I am a bit older than most of the other mums at nursery. I had an older parent when I was at school and remember the other kids saying things like "Granddad has come to pick you up" when in fact it was my dad. I remember how that made me feel and I don't want my child to feel embarrassed that she has a mum and dad that are older and frumpy and I don't want her to have the same taunts that I had when I was at school.

Being able to take part in the Parents events at her Sports Day is a driving force behind this as well!

a snap shot of Tracy Barwell

Here is a list of things that I want to get out of 2015 as I create a "new ME" over the next 12 months:

Energy - I want to have more energy so that I can do more with my family.

Health - At the moment if my daughter gets a cold I am guaranteed I will catch it too. Hopefully, if I am fitter, I will be able to fight any germs. In the back of my mind I also know that if I am healthier I will be around longer and be able to see my beautiful daughter grow up.

Fitness - My fitness level is minimal. I can go to the gym and walk for 30 minutes but that's about it. I want to be able to do more and I want to get rid of the bingo wings!

Appearance - I lost a lot of weight about 8 years ago and brought loads of Size 12 clothes, most have the labels still on them! I want to fit into them, and not just the 5 or 6 outfits I always wear that are baggy and frumpy to hide my body. My hair and nails are also lacking attention, and I am hoping getting healthier will have an impact on that too.

Work - I want to be able to enjoy work dos. At the moment I don't go out to work events because I don't feel good in my clothes and I worry people will look at me and laugh.

Esteem & Happiness - I want to look better, and feel better to tackle my low self-esteem. I just want to look and feel happier.

Getting organised - At work I am an organiser, but I feel completely disorganised at home. Particularly with my fitness schedule. I need to plan my home life better. Any suggestions on how other people have tackled this is welcome!

These are some of the thoughts I've had so far:-

I have gotten a diary and I have planned a menu to eat better and also use it to write down my daily thoughts about how I feel on this fitness journey.

I want to be able to get to the gym at least three times a week. Until I get my fitness levels up, I will walk for 30 minutes each time I go but I want to be able to do other things. This I will need advice on.

I would like to be able to do Couch to 5km - watch this space...

I am turning 45 this year. I want to leave feeling fat and frumpy behind and start being 45 feeling fitter and fantastic.

I'm motivated, and excited, but I need help and encouragement from here!"

Got some advice or words of wisdom for Tracy? If you have been, or are going through a similar journey let us know. Send us an email, or you can get in touch on Twitterexternal-link or Facebook.external-link