Get Inspired: How to get into yoga

Young people get introduced to yoga at BBC Get Inspired Active Academy.

How do I start?

Search for your nearest class via The British Wheel of Yogaexternal-link, the Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland, external-linkYoga Scotland,external-link and the British Wheel of Yoga, Wales Region.external-link

What is yoga?

An ancient form of exercise that develops strength, flexibility and stamina through a variety of stretches and postures.

There are different styles of yoga to try, with varying levels of difficulty but all involve holding poses, meditation and controlled breathing.

Is it for me?

Yoga is is perfect for those looking to increase their fitness, flexibility or just trying to relax and once you know a few poses you can practice anywhere.

What to expect when I start?

  • Yoga has many mental health benefits, providing an opportunity to relax, reflect and escape.
  • Holding poses helps improve balance and coordination.
  • Pregnancy yoga helps reduce aches and pains and improve your quality of sleep and postnatal yoga is a great way to ease your way back into exercise after the birth of your baby.
  • Chair yoga is ideal for people with reduced mobility who want to increase their flexibility and movement without getting on the floor. The British Wheel of Yoga will help you find a chair yoga class near you.
  • Bikram yoga is performed in 40-degree heat so it stretches and strengthens the muscles whilst detoxing the body through extensive sweating.

To get you in the mood...

Nanammal talked to the BBC in 2017

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