Get Inspired: Honest About Exercise

Clare Balding tells us what she does (and doesn't) do to stay active

It's no secret that everyone should be doing something to keep themselves active, so why is it that we don't talk about it openly? And how much do we trust what we read in magazines about celebrity fitness regimes?

Get Inspired asked some familiar faces to tell us - honestly - how mindful they really are about their fitness, and how they fit exercise into their day.

Do you assume that everyone on TV, including Clare Balding, must have a personal trainer? Or that people like Mel Sykes were just born with an athletic body? Think again. These women, same as you, have have to work at it, and this is your chance to see how much of their day they are willing or able to devote to exercise.

Everyone is different, and everyone has to work at fitness - that isn't breaking news - but everyone also has the challenge of finding ways to incorporate physical activity into their life, regardless of who you are or what you do.

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Here is a selection of the videos we've had so far:

Jane Garvey

Fresh from a swim, Jane Garvey is next under the spotlight.

"I'd like to say my approach to exercise was little and often, but actually the truth is it's not very much, not very often" says Jane, one of the presenters on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour.

It doesn't sound that way to us though, after hearing how her two children keep Jane on her toes!

Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan on how exercise makes her a better person.

"I've never exercised and afterwards thought 'well, that was a waste of time', I've always felt better for it!"

It may not come as any surprise that BBC Sport presenter Gabby Logan is at home at the gym. But what kind of exercise does someone who isn't afraid of getting sweaty choose to do? Here she is to tell you herself.

Jacqui Oatley

Jacqui Oatley chases her daughter up the stairs for exercise!

"It's really important to me to feel healthy, it's just a question of I tend to bench press my children!"

After her nomination from Gabby, Jacqui Oatley is next to reveal her exercise routine.

The football commentator talks about how she uses her young children keep her fit and healthy (literally!)

Gina Yashere

Gina enjoys cycling and hot yoga classes!

"I've never been a gym rat, I don't like jogging, I don't like any other kind of sport really."

Comedian, Gina Yashere, on discovering the joy of cycling (after having never ridden before), hot yoga and living in the big apple.

Lucy Rose

Lucy is often found having a kickabout with her dog in the park

"We'll always have a game before the show or kickabout somewhere with the band."

The Our Eyesexternal-link singer and songwriter uses football as a fitness tool for her and her dog Josie, always making sure there is a ball available while she's on tour.

Mel Sykes

Mel is a self confessed "gym bunny"

""I do a bit of cardio, free weights and sometimes I use the machines."

Self confessed "gym bunny", Mel Sykes is next to step into the spotlight as she talks about what fitness means to her.

Suzie Perry

Suzi likes to keep her metabolism high as she spends a lot of time on planes.

"I have a circuit that I can do in any hotel room which means I never have an excuse to not do my training."

Suzie's day job covering Formula 1 for BBC Sport around the world means she has different types of issues to most of us when it comes to keeping fit. Here she talks about adapting routines to work with her jet-setting lifestyle.

What next?

It's time to be honest about exercise so don't feel guilty about how much or how little you do. Instead, take some time out and consider your own activity level and what motivates you to get moving. You might just inspire someone else along the way.

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