Get Inspired: Honest About Exercise

Judy Murray has devised a special exercise regime to help her 'stay alive'

It's that time of year when many of us are trying to improve our exercise habits.

Social media and the press are bursting with "inspirational" images and stories of fitness for us to aspire to.

But do these posts and articles really inspired you? Or can they sometimes promote extremes which are largely unattainable for the average healthy person?

To get away from any such unrealistic fitness targets, Get Inspired has asked some familiar Scottish faces to lift the lid on their exercise habits.

These are real-life stories of fitness, and this is your chance to see how much of their week they are willing or able to devote to exercise.

Below is a selection of the videos we've had so far.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon admits to using the lift too much and hopes to improve on her regime at home

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says: "I do have a cross trainer at home and I try to discipline myself to do 10, 15 minutes on it every couple of days."

Lorraine Kelly is a regular at her local keep fit class

"I go to classes twice a week," says TV presenter Lorraine Kelly. "We all go there and get really hot, sweaty and red and I think that I'm Beyonce!"

Horse McDonald's Honest About Exercise confession

Singer Horse McDonald says: "I probably do my greatest amount of exercise when I'm on a stage performing.

"I do up to two hours and I do move around quite a lot - maybe not as much as say, Tina Turner!"

Comedian Karen Dunbar's confession

"I love walking. Even in Glasgow when it's pouring with rain, get an anorak on, get your i-pod on and go out walking," says comedian and actor Karen Dunbar.

Carol Smillie walks her dogs and uses the stairs at work

TV presenter and businesswoman Carol Smillie claims her intake of exercise per week is "abysmal". "I walk my dogs when I can - which is not as much as I used to - and I take the stairs at work - that's it!"

Kaye Adams on her 'twice-weekly torture sessions'

TV and radio presenter Kaye Adams' attends high-intensity interval training classes, which involve burpees and star jumps. "I can't walk for about two weeks afterwards," she says.

Shereen Nanjiani is a self-confessed gym bunny

Despite being a self-confessed gym bunny, radio presenter Shereen Nanjiani is concerned her lifestyle is too sedentary. "I'm going to try and stand at my desk and I'm going to try and walk to the gym instead of taking my car."

Judith Ralston's says exercise gives her time to herself

Weather presenter Judith Ralston says being a mum of three and working shifts makes fitting in exercise is difficult. "I do make time for it though, because I need that space for myself."

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