2016 International Handstand Day: Catch up with how the world turned upside down on

Eetu Lahti (e_etu on Instagram) remembers it's HandstandDay

Whether you were on a beach, overlooking the Grand Canyon, on garden furniture, by London Bridge, on top of a giant shoe, in Italy, Finland, at Glastonbury or at your regular gymnastics club - people all over the world got involved with 2016 International Handstand Day.

We teamed up with British Gymnastics again to celebrate gymnastics and the humble handstand and, using the hashtag #HandstandDay, we posted the best content on our Twitterexternal-link and Facebookexternal-link pages.

Want to get ready for next year?

The Make Your Move how-to guide will give you all the tools you need to do your free-standing handstand.

If your love of the humble handstand makes you want to tumble and give gymnastics a go - visit our guide to getting into gymnastics.