Get Inspired: How to get into darts

Alexandra Palace is the traditional home of the PDC World Darts Championships
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Why get into darts?It's an addictive hobby and a great way to meet new people.
Who is it for?Anybody and everybody. If you can lift a dart, this sport is for you.
Is there a cheap option?Most places will provide darts, although boards are growing increasingly cheap to bring the oche to your doorstep.
What if I want a proper workout?Adapt the rules to your needs. Set yourself a target for a three-dart total and if you fall below it, do press ups for the amount of seconds you were under.
Can I take it to another level?The pathway to the top is clearly highlighted by both the BDO and PDC - you'll just need to choose which to go with.
Is there a disability option?The World Disabled Darts Organisation is working hard to make the sport more accessible.
Is there a family option?There's no reason why everyone in the family can't take part in darts.
So how do I take part?Go to our Activity Finder to get into darts near you.

Darts has a reputation as being slightly less vigorous exercise then some of its cousins.

That may well be true, but in terms of meeting new people, finding a hobby and perfecting a difficult craft, it's as good a sport as any!

The traditional route into darts has long been through your local pub, but an era of increased professionalism has opened up paths into the sport outside of the boozer.


Darts' first professional world champion

Darts' increasing popularity as a spectator sport mean that few will be unfamiliar with the concept: two people take it in turns to throw darts at a board, scoring by landing them in sections awarding 1-20 points, with doubles and trebles available for each.

The British Darts Organisationexternal-link and the Professional Darts Corporationexternal-link are the two main governing bodies, and both offer their own routes into the sport.

Alternatively you can find local opportunities in Scotland,external-linkWalesexternal-link and Northern Irelandexternal-link through their local governing bodies.

Darts for youngsters

Darts champion Scott Waites delivers treble maths masterclass

The PDCexternal-link host both a qualifying tour for those looking to make it in the professional game, eligible for over 16s, and the Unicorn Development Tourexternal-link, specifically for those aged 16-23.

If you want to get your kids into darts before they hit 16, a cheap option could be to buy your own darts board, with high street retailers selling them for under £20.

Women's darts

Trina Gulliver clinches record 10th title

The BDO runs the Women's World Championships, which Englishwoman Trina Gulliver has won a record ten times.

Elsewhere, the Ladies Darts Organisationexternal-link - who pose the question 'Who says ladies can't play darts?' on their website - are a good place to start to get involved in the sport.

Disability darts

British Disabled Darts Association players
The BDDA announced Andy Fordham as their ambassador in March 2016

The British Disabled Darts Association (BDDA) was established in 2016 to help those with disabilities to take part in the sport.

The association use a modified dartboard, which can be mounted at a lower height to accommodate those in wheelchairs, and have set up ranking events for players across Britain, working alongside the BDO.

Contact the BDDA on Twitterexternal-link to find out more.

What's next?

1. Find a local tournament hereexternal-link.

2. Share your storyexternal-link and inspire others.

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