Get Inspired: Find out how football has helped Jude deal with cerebral palsy

Jude, who has cerebral palsy, and his father Tony.

From a young age eight-year-old Jude has always been in love with football, but there weren't a lot of options for him to play growing up as he has cerebral palsy.

This led his dad Tony to seek the help of Cerebral Palsy Sportexternal-link who directed the family to a dedicated cerebral palsy football league and now Tony runs his own CP football team in Stafford.

As a result Jude has now been chosen as an ambassador for Together We Will - a new campaign to get as many people with disablities involved in sport as possible.

"It's fantastic to be asked to be part of the Together We Will campaign. Sport plays a huge part in our family life, so it's great to be able to share our story and help others get active too, " said Tony.

"From day one Jude has been running around with a football at his feet, but growing up it was tough finding access to take part in with children of a similar ability and age."

Jude has limited mobility in his lower legs and the lack of suitable opportunities nearby sometimes prevented him from taking part in local community sports activities.

Other children's levels of ability and stamina often left Jude feeling excluded and demotivated. Having the chance to take part in football sessions and regular physical activity as a family has been instrumental to Jude's rehabilitation.

Tony's team Stafford Town Cerebral Palsy FC external-linknow have 18 players between four and 18 years old. The team is a fully inclusive club who trains at Weston Road Academy and is always actively seeking new players.

"There are many organisations out there to help give disabled people and their families support in finding activities which are suited for them - Cerebral Palsy Sport was great at introducing us to dedicated CP football leagues which have been life changing to keep Jude healthy and happy," Tony added.

Cerebral Palsy Sport is one of eight disability sport organisations getting involved with the Together We Will campaign.

It's hoped the initiative will address the low numbers of disabled people who regularly take part in sport or physical activity.

"CP Sport's aim is to support people with cerebral palsy to reach their potential through sport, and lead a happy, healthy lifestyle," says Lisa Morton-Smith, National Sports Development Manager from Cerebral Palsy Sport.

"Jude and his family are a fantastic example of the opportunities available and how sport and active recreation can have a positive impact on the whole family.

"CP Sport is excited to be involved in the Together We Will campaign to support others like Jude and Tony access sport and activity."

For more information on Cerebral Palsy Sport and to seek advice on activities local to you call 0115 925 7027 or click hereexternal-link.

For more information about Together We Will, visit the EFDS external-linkcampaign page.

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