Get Inspired: How Rio Olympics inspires British children & pets

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Get Inspired by the Rio 2016 Olympics

Team GB's impressive performance in Rio has captured the imagination of children here at home. We've been asking people to share their inspirational Olympic moments using #GetInspired.

Lots of proud parents have been tweeting pictures of their inspired kids:

kids playing fencing

Rio has inspired these six year old twins to take up fencing. They've also given Tae Kwon Do a try says their Dad, Des McCabe.

Hattie's Letter

girl with hand drawn picture of Max Whitlock

Five-year-old Hattie was so taken with Max Whitlock's gold medal wins that she wrote him a letter saying she would "start gymnastics because of you".

Child's letter to Max Whitlock letting him know that he has inspired them to take up gymnastics

"We have been avidly watching all then Olympics and Hattie was amazed by the gymnastics. She took a shine to Max and when he won the floor gold medal the house went Max mad. The pommel horse doubled the excitement," Hattie's dad, Stuart, told the BBC.

"Since then she has slept with a flag as her duvet and been wearing her own gold medals around the house. Today she just said she wanted to draw a picture and send it to Max and we decided to write a message on the back.

"She has been truly inspired by all of team GB's success as have we all and Max is clearly her favourite. After that weekend she has signed up for gymnastics at our local sports centre (six-month waiting list says it all)."

And look - Max even took the time to respond.

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Max Whitlock's message to five year old Hattie

Hattie is not alone in her new found passion for Olympic sports:

Sophie (almost 2) is practising Gymnastics on the living room carpet
Two young girls holding hockey sticks
girl inspired to play hockey

Richard Given took to Twitter to thank GB hockey goal keeper Maddie Hinch for helping keep his daughter dedicated to her hockey training.


It's not just humans feeling the Rio excitement. People's pets are getting in on the act too:

small dog watching the Olympics on TV with a Union Jack in his mouth.
cat sleeping in in a position that looks like it could be diving

Let Olympic fever continue a little longer in your household. Take a look at this list of Get Inspired guides to find an activity to sink your teeth into. You may not win a medal, but you'll have some fun trying.

By Patrick Evans, BBC social news and user-generated content hub