International Handstand Day 2017: How the world turned upside down

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International Handstand Day 2017

Australia, South Africa, Paris, Fife... even Antarctica got involved in International Handstand Day 2017.

On Saturday, 24 June, Get Inspired teamed up with British Gymnastics to celebrate the humble move as part of International Handstand Day.

From all corners of the globe, people used #HandstandDay on social media and showed their skills to the world.

Our special live page on the day collated the top efforts as we gathered handstands across the seven continents.

The handstand is one of the most fundamental gymnastics moves. You will not only spot them in British five-time Olympic medallist Max Whitlock's floor routine, but also in other activities like diving, yoga and snowboarding (to name just three).

And from what you shared with us, they can be done just about anywhere.

Thank you to everyone who joined in and see you next year.

[For anyone who is setting themselves the challenge of taking part next year but can't handstand yet, take a look at these tips from Great Britain gymnast, Nile Wilson].