Commonwealth Games: Home nations siblings and families celebrating medals success

Pat McCormack, Katie and John Archibald, Luke McCormack, Aidan and Michaela Walsh, Elinor Barker, Jonny and Alistair Brownlee

The Charltons winning the World Cup for England, the Williams sisters smashing records in tennis, the Klitschkos' collective clout in boxing - sport has always featured famous sets of brothers and sisters.

The Brownlee brothers, who have been dominating men's triathlon for years, were one of the better-known sets of siblings heading to Australia for the Commonwealth Games, having finished first and second at Glasgow 2014.

This time, with Alistair and Jonny having missed out on the individual medals, they combined (along with Jessica Learmonth and Vicky Holland) to win mixed team silver.

But they're just one of the families who have been having a good time on the Gold Coast...

'Seeing Katie win gold got me going'

Katie Archibald
Scotland's Katie Archibald won bronze in the points race in Glasgow four years ago

Katie and John Archibald from Scotland won gold and silver respectively in cycling on the same day and John admitted his younger sister's earlier win had spurred him.

"The final was hard and the pressure was on, but she certainly put me in the mix," he said.

"The Archibalds aren't known for parties but this is going to be the biggest night we've had in a while," Katie told BBC Sport on Friday.

And she revealed to presenter Hazel Irvine on Wednesday that the two of them, their parents, uncle, sister, friends, boyfriend had all enjoyed a "big night".

"I got a call the next day as to how they woke up," Katie added. "They were probably in just as much pain as we were in after competing."

Family reunion

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Barker wins Wales' first track cycling gold since 1990

It was Archibald who Elinor Barker of Wales had to overcome to win the women's cycling points race.

Her younger sister Megan - who revealed how they stumbled upon track cycling on their way to swimming lessons - now has until Saturday to see if she can add to the family's medal collection in the road race.

But they've already had another victory as Elinor revealed after her win that it had been the first time that all six of her family had been in the same room "for almost a year and a half".

Fighting families

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Commonwealth Games: NI brother and sister make boxing history

Michaela and Aidan Walsh from Northern Ireland were two of the eight home nation medallists in boxing at the Games. They had their sights set on gold before the games, but had to settle for silver.

England's Pat McCormack - who overcame Aidan in the men's 69kg category - was competing alongside his twin brother Luke, who had to settle for bronze in the 64kg category after losing a split decision to Jonas Jonas of Namibia.

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Commonwealth Games: England's Pat McCormack outclasses NI's Aiden Walsh in 69kg final

"Competing alongside my twin brother will make the tournament event more exciting," 22-year-old Pat had said before the tournament.

Family fans

And then there are the family members who have done a sterling job supporting on the sidelines - even if you've had to go heavy-duty pear picking to be there.

Like Olivia Downey, who took a break from packing 1,000 bags of pears a day to watch brother Mark competing in the Commonwealth Games cycling...

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NI cyclist Mark Downey reunited with sister at velodrome

...or Nile Wilson's dad, who was enjoying his 15 minutes of fame before being interrupted by the very member of your family you're supporting:

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Nile Wilson gatecrashes interview with his father

Most of all, we want to hear from YOU about you stories of how you have played sport or got involved in a fitness activity because of, with or against your siblings!

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