From coma to Commonwealth Games - five inspiring stories from the week

Timothy Disken
Australian Timothy Disken was due to compete at the Para-swimming World Championships in 2017, but was taken to hospital the day before

From coma to Commonwealths in six months

Doctors were not sure Timothy Disken would survive emergency brain surgery in a Canadian hospital just six months ago.

But the Australian Para-swimmer was intent on defying the odds, and is doing so again at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. (Guardian)

Sport as education

"His brains are in his feet" is an overused sporting cliche, but what can sport actually teach us? (Bristol Herald Courier)

The judo teacher with 67 years under his belt

Some 67 years after his first class, the oldest judo sensei in Britain can still take down his opponents - and has no plans to stop anytime soon. (BBC Three)

American football... on a unicycle?

It gives a new meaning to the phrase "bicycle kick" - OK, it's referring to American football rather than soccer, but unicycle football is a thing and the world championships are taking place in Texas. (KVUE)

How Crystal Palace are teaching benefits of good food & exercise

Match of the Day visits a south London leisure centre to find out more about Crystal Palace's "Healthy Eagles" campaign, which is aimed at helping children and young families lead healthier and happier lifestyles.

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How Crystal Palace are teaching benefits of good food & exercise

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