European Championships 2018: Watch it? Try it!

Ironman triathlon competitors
2018 European Championships on the BBC
Host Cities: Glasgow and Berlin Dates: 2-12 August
Coverage: Live across BBC TV, BBC Radio 5 live and sports extra plus the BBC Sport website with further coverage on BBC iPlayer, Red Button, Connected TVs and mobile app.

The first ever European Championships, taking place in Glasgow and Berlin, brings together some of the continent's leading sports.

Are you inspired to give one of these sports a go? Learn the basics and find out how to get involved using our guides below.


Athletics covers a variety of disciplines, so whether you want to run, jump or throw you can find an activity that suits you.


One of the nation's most popular activities, swimming is for anyone and everyone. From chilling out on the inflatables to diving, it's hard not to love a dip in the pool.


Rowing is as simple as using oars to propel your boat along the water. Indoor rowing works the same muscles as outdoor. You can even start by using rowing machines in your local gym.


A feat of strength and power, artistic gymnastics involve balancing and performing moves on the floor or using different types of equipment. These include the vault, the rings, pommel and the bars.


Road cycling, the most common form of cycling, is a simple way to get your exercise, your sport fix or to get from A to B. Track cycling adds a competitive element and sees riders race around a specialist track at high speeds.


Do you enjoy running, swimming or cycling? Fancy doing all three, one after the other? Then triathlon is the sport for you.

The sport has a range of distances and formats to cut your teeth on, and as long as your daily exercise includes all three disciplines, you can call yourself a triathlete with pride.


Golf is a game of skill and strength as you hit your ball into a series of small holes using as few shots as possible.

See our full list of activity guides for more inspiration.