Get Inspired's comprehensive list of club finders for different sports and activities

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Want to get fit? Try something different? Make new friends?

No matter what your fitness level, there is a sport or activity out there for you. If you don't know how to get started, below is a list of club and session finders for a host of different sports.

You can also look at our A-Z activity guides list to find out more about a particular sport.


Visit The British Aikido Board for a list of clubsexternal-link in the UK.

American football

To find a club near you check out this interactive mapexternal-link featuring all the BAFA-affiliated clubs in the UK.


The best way to get into the sport is to find a club near you and this information can be found on Archery GB's club finder.external-link


Find local athletics opportunities in England, external-linkWales, external-linkScotlandexternal-link and Northern Ireland.external-link


Visit these club locators in Englandexternal-link, Walesexternal-link, Scotlandexternal-link and Northern Irelandexternal-link, or contact your local leisure centre if you want to play casually.

Baseball & softball

Find your nearest club using the Baseball Softball UK club finderexternal-link and Hit the Pitchexternal-link is a programme introducing the game to beginners.


Find your local club by visiting Englandexternal-link, Scotlandexternal-link, Walesexternal-link or Northern Irelandexternal-link Basketball Association websites.


Find your local club in Englandexternal-link, Scotlandexternal-link, Walesexternal-link and Northern Irelandexternal-link.


Check out Scottish Bowlsexternal-link or Bowls Scotlandexternal-link, Welsh Bowling Association external-link, Irish Bowling Associationexternal-link and Bowls Englandexternal-link for clubs in your area.


Club finders in Englandexternal-link, Walesexternal-link, Scotland external-linkand Irelandexternal-link will help you get started.


Find your local club with British Canoeingexternal-link or Paddlingexternal-link.


British Mountaineering Councilexternal-link (BMC) will be able to help you find a club near you in England and Wales. If you live in Scotland, get in touch with Mountaineering Scotlandexternal-link and in Northern Ireland, try Mountaineering Ireland.external-link


The ECB Cricket Network - Play Cricketexternal-link - is a mine of information to help you get involved with a club anywhere in the UK, or find more information about playing in Scotlandexternal-link and Northern Ireland.external-link


British Cyclingexternal-link, Scottish Cyclingexternal-link, Welsh Cyclingexternal-link and Cycle NIexternal-link have information about clubs and racing tracks.


Type your postcode into the British Dodgeball Association website to find a club near you. external-link


Take the first step by finding your local club in the British Fencing listings.external-link


Find a club in Englandexternal-link, Wales,external-linkScotlandexternal-link or Northern Irelandexternal-link to get started.


Visit the Goalball UK website to find your nearest clubexternal-link or for information on other ways you can get involved, such as taster sessions, officiating and volunteering.external-link


Scottish Golfexternal-link provides a club finder to help you locate your nearest course, as does England Golf.external-link The Golf Union of Irelandexternal-link runs a golf academy, while Golf Development Walesexternal-link allows you to find your nearest club.


British,external-linkScottishexternal-link, Welshexternal-link and Northern Irelandexternal-link Gymnastics have tools to help you find the gymnastic activity that suits you.


Englandexternal-link, Scotlandexternal-link and Ireland'sexternal-link governing bodies all have tools to help you find a club to get started.


Play Hockeyexternal-link is a good place to start for those who are new to the game or interested in coming back to it after years away. Simply type in your postcode to locate your nearest club.

Ice hockey

Find Ice Hockey clubs and rinks near you by visiting the English and Welshexternal-link, Scottish,external-link or Irishexternal-link Ice Hockey Association websites

Ice skating

If you're a beginner you can check out Skate UK,external-link - a 10-stage programme to help get you started.


Use the British Judo club finderexternal-link to get started, or try the NI Judoexternal-link, Judo Scotlandexternal-link and Welsh Judoexternal-link websites.


Find your local club at the British Ju-Jitsu Associationexternal-link website.


Explore either the English Karate Federationexternal-link, Scottish Karate Governing Bodyexternal-link, Wales Karate Governing Bodyexternal-link or the Northern Ireland Karate Boardexternal-link websites to find your local club.

Kite surfing

Visit the British Kite Sports Association for lots of information and to find a club near you.external-link


There are many more clubs than you probably realise, so find one in Englandexternal-link, Scotland external-link or Walesexternal-link near you.


Find your nearest lacrosse club in England,external-linkScotland,external-linkWalesexternal-link and Northern Ireland.external-link

Modern pentathlon

The best way to get started in modern pentathlon could be to try each sport individually, although if you are feeling brave jump straight in at your nearest club.external-link


Find a club in England,external-linkWalesexternal-link, Scotlandexternal-link or Northern Irelandexternal-link to get started.


British Orienteeringexternal-link can help you find a club nearby. You can also learn more from Scottish Orienteeringexternal-link, the Welsh Orienteering Associationexternal-link, and the NI Orienteering Association.external-link

Paddle boarding

Visit the British Stand Up Paddle Associationexternal-link for more information on how to get started.

Roller sports

To find a club or league near you visit The Federation of Artistic Roller Skating, external-linkThe Federation of Inline Speed Skatingexternal-link and UK Roller Derby Associationexternal-link.


Find your nearest rowing club in England,external-linkWalesexternal-link, Scotlandexternal-link and Northern Irelandexternal-link.

Rugby union

Find a club in your region by visiting England Rugby,external-linkIrish Rugby,external-linkScottish Rugby,external-link or Welsh Rugby.external-link


For more information on running - advice, training, races, clubs you can join - a good place to start is one of these sites: Run Togetherexternal-link, Jog Scotlandexternal-link, Run Walesexternal-link and Northern Ireland Running.external-link


Clubsexternal-link are a great, affordable way to get started. If you have never been sailing, take a look at the RYA's Get Afloatexternal-link page to find out how you can get yourself out on the water.

Scuba diving

Use the club finder external-linkto locate a club near you.


Find your local centre in England,external-linkWalesexternal-link or Scotlandexternal-link to get yourself on the slopes. The Ski Club of Northern Ireland has a useful Facebook pageexternal-link too. There's also loads of information at Disability Snowsportexternal-link for anyone looking for inclusive skiing.


Find your nearest club in England,external-linkScotland,external-linkWalesexternal-link or Northern Ireland.external-link


To get started in England, visit The England Squashexternal-link website. You can also find details of local clubs in Scotland,external-linkWalesexternal-link and Northern Irelandexternal-link.


Whether you're a beginner, or already steady on your feet and want to have some fun doing local competitions, Surfing Englandexternal-link can help locate a club or a surf school near you.


Find out how you can learn to swim in Englandexternal-link, Wales,external-linkScotlandexternal-link and Northern Ireland.external-link You can also use Swim England's pool finderexternal-link to find your local swimming bath.

Table tennis

Find a local club or public table at Table Tennis England external-link, Table Tennis Wales external-link, Table Tennis Scotland external-link and Table Tennis Northern Ireland external-link.


Information about where you can locate your nearest club can be found on the British Taekwondoexternal-link, British Taekwondo Councilexternal-link, Taekwondo Association of Northern Irelandexternal-link, Taekwondo Scotlandexternal-link and Taekwondo Cymruexternal-link websites.


The Lawn Tennis Association have a number of different schemes such as Go Hit It,external-linkTennis Tuesdaysexternal-link and Advantage tennis training,external-link to help you improve. The Tennis Foundationexternal-link have a number of inclusive ways to play the game and there is also LTA Minis Tennisexternal-link for children aged between three and 10-years-old.

Underwater Hockey

British Octopush Association have a club finderexternal-link listing over 100 clubs across the UK.


You can find a place to play near you in Englandexternal-link, Scotland,external-linkWalesexternal-link and Northern Irelandexternal-link.


If you'd like to explore walks in your area, Walk4Lifeexternal-link is the perfect place to start, listing more than 80,000 routes and allowing you to record your achievements.

Water polo

There are more than 300 water polo clubs in the United Kingdom. For details of where you can play, visit Swim Ulsterexternal-link in Northern Ireland, Scottish Swimming,external-linkSwim Walesexternal-link and British Swimming.external-link


British Weightlifting's club finderexternal-link can help you find out where to get started.


Use the British Wrestling club finderexternal-link to find a club near you.


Search for your nearest class via The British Wheel of Yogaexternal-link, the Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland, external-linkYoga Scotland,external-link and the British Wheel of Yoga, Wales Region.external-link