London Marathon 2019: You shrink how much? 7 stats to make you go wow!

A graphic of Big Ben, a burger, smart phone and Game of Thrones-type wolf's head all relating to the London Marathon

You expect to ache all over, be extremely tired and need to eat a lot of recovery food. These are a given after a marathon.

But what are some of the potentially unexpected consequences of running for hours through the streets of London?

From how many steps a marathon runner takes to how much height is lost during the race (yes, really, you shrink*), Get Inspired uncovers some weird and wonderful London Marathon stats you would never expect to be true.


All the calories

A graphic of 10.5 burgers to represent the number of calories (2,600) an average marathon runner burnsline

Power up

graphic to show each marathon runner burns enough energy to power smart phone for a year.line

Breaking a sweat

graphic to show the total amount sweat is produced by 2018 London marathon runners.line

You look shorter to me!

graphic to show the total height lost due to spine compression during the London Marathon.

*don't worry, you regain your height about 24 hours later as discs in your spine regain their fluid


Binge watch

graphic to show how many times you could watch Game of Thrones in the total time participants spent running the 2018 London Marathonline

Le Jog

graphic to show the combined distance of all 3018 London Marathon finishers is equal to going from Land's End to John O'Groats 1,296 times.line


graphic to show a marathon runner could have 5 step-free days following a 50,000 step marathon