Sir Bruce Forsyth remembers Seve

By Sir Bruce ForsythPresenter

Thursday 14 July, 2320 BST, BBC Two. (Available on BBC iPlayer until 17 July)

Seve Ballesteros had the most incredible personality of anybody I ever played golf with. He had real charisma and that little something extra that nobody else had.

I was lucky enough to play with him quite a few times in the Pro Celebrity Golf programmes that were on television and Seve would always help me out and give me tips. A lot of other golf pros, although they are nice, wouldn't do that. Seve would make you see the shot and he would see it for you.

That was one of the secrets to Seve's success - he always saw the shot and he always thought positively. He once told me, if he didn't see the shot in his mind, he wouldn't play it.

He loved Wentworth, where he won five match play titles and he loved the British public. In return the British public loved him. Even if there were other British golfers playing on a particular day, everybody wanted Seve to win. I was like that too, I didn't care about anyone else, I just wanted Seve to win.

And he did win. He was a great match player and had such a determination to come out on top. He also loved to beat the Americans and this was why the Ryder Cup was so important to him.

I think he was an entertainer. He had a lovely smile and the reason for that was his great sense of humour. Even if he was telling a joke in Spanish, he would translate it and explain it to everyone around, so no one ever felt left out.

Seve loved life. This is why it's all so cruel to see what happened to him at such a young age, dying after battling a brain tumour so bravely. When I think that I'm 84 and he was 54, I wonder if maybe the best parts of his life could still have been to come. I think he could have become a great golf teacher and he would have really enjoyed that.

With his dark hair and eyes, Seve was a good looking, handsome guy. There was nobody more handsome than Seve.

Many years ago I was over in San Diego, America, on my own and I didn't know Seve that well at the time.

I was watching him as he went around the course and I remember there was the most gorgeous girl following him around. She was a stunner and she was trying to catch his eye for 18 holes.

I followed him all the way round and he never looked at her once, even when she kept running to the green or to the tee to try and get in his eye line. It says a lot about Seve's will to win that I don't know whether he was ever conscious of her or not, he was in the zone.

I'll remember him with a smile. He was gracious and kind, a majestic man, but he played golf like a bullfighter.

Seve: The Legend.

Thursday 14 July, 2320 BST, BBC Two. (Available on BBC iPlayer until 17 July)