The Open 2011: Open rain ‘miserable’ for Kenneth Ferrie

By Ged ScottBBC Sport at Royal St George's

Newcastle's Kenneth Ferrie admitted that his Open experience left him feeling "miserable" after sliding to a six-over third round 76 at Sandwich.

"After five holes, you give up the will to stay dry," he told BBC Sport.

"It's impossible. I'm drenched head to toe. You have no idea what score you are. It's just about trying to survive.

"Links golf is hard enough to start with. Throw in 40 or 50 mph winds and driving rain and you can throw the yardage book out the window."

After making it through to the weekend on two over, just six off the pace, Ferrie's hopes of a decent finish were undone when he get caught in the worst of the weather, getting rained on for his entire 18 holes.

Bogeys at three and four were forgotten when he birdied the long seventh, but another dropped shot at eight followed by a double at nine took him out in 39. And two more dropped shots at 11 and 17 on the back nine saw him sign for a 76.

Not even his pedigree as a hardened son of the North East, well used to such a buffeting, could prepare the 32-year-old Ashington-born golfer for taking on a course as tough as Royal St George's in weather as foul as this.

"It's like Graeme McDowell said a couple of years ago, just because you're used to weather like this doesn't mean you like it," added Ferrie.

"I'm from the North East, where it's windy most of the time. But I still don't like playing in it.

"I've only played in five Opens but that's the worst I can remember. That's one of the most miserable ever experiences I've ever had.

"I played very well, hit it nicely and shot six over.

"That's the joys of links golf, if joy's the right word.

"It's sent to test us. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger I suppose."

Ferrie agreed that the R & A might have helped by shortening one or two more holes.

"The whole world knew what was coming today and I think they could have been a bit more generous with the tee placings," he said. "But the two they did move didn't make much difference. At the fourth, I only made the fairway by 10 yards."