Tiger Woods: American golfer tops the swearing leaderboard

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods has won 14 majors in his career, but his last one came seven years ago

It has been seven long years since Tiger Woods won his last major, and the strain of being the world's most famous golfer occasionally shows.

While the American's ranking has slipped to a career-low 140, the former world number one has topped the charts for complaints about his swearing.

Federal Communications Commission figures show that American broadcasters have received 22 complaints since 2011 for imaginative language from golfers.

Outbursts from Woods resulted in 15 of those complaints - including one angry viewer saying: "I should not be subjected to this in my own home."

The 14-time major champion, 39, does get more airtime than any other golfer, but that is no excuse as far as another disgruntled complainant is concerned, who wrote: "When watching a sports program we should be free from vile, insulting assaults."

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