Peter Oosterhuis: Ex-Ryder Cup golfer reveals Alzheimer's illness

Peter Oosterhuis
Peter Oosterhuis (left) was runner-up to Gary Player at the 1974 Open

Former British Ryder Cup player Peter Oosterhuis says he has early onset Alzheimer's disease.

The 67-year-old became a broadcaster for CBS Sports after retiring from playing, but said that memory loss forced him to step away from TV work.

"Maybe in the course of my commentary, I wasn't giving a lot of information like I used to," he told Golf World.external-link

Oosterhuis never played on a winning Ryder Cup team, but won 15½ points - equal 10th best European.

The 6ft 5in former golfer said he was diagnosed last July.

"As human beings, it took a while to come back to ourselves," said his wife Roothie.

"But now, even though we don't like the cards we were dealt, we are ready to play them. Because we are basically happy people, and we can still have happiness.''