European Tour considers six-hole format with music in 2017

Keith Pelley
Pelley is keen to back initiatives encouraging young people to take up golf

The European Tour is set to trial a new six-hole competition featuring a shot clock, music and fewer clubs in an effort to attract younger players.

Tour chief executive Keith Pelley says he hopes to "experiment as early as 2017 and maybe roll it out in 2018".

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, he added: "Yes, there'd be a shot clock. Yes, there'd be music and players would probably be dressed a bit differently.

"Maybe they'd only play with five or seven clubs."

Pelley said the format would probably feature the top players representing national sides.

"It would probably be a country competition," he said. "So you could see England playing Scotland in a six-hole matchplay.

"If you're not prepared to change, you're not prepared to be innovative, if you're not prepared to actually take chances, then sports will fall behind."

Listen to the full interview on BBC Radio 5 live's Wake up to Money: Sports Edition