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LiveAlfred Dunhill Championship

8 - 11 December 2022
Leopard Creek GC
Prize Money:
PlayerTotalThruRound 1Round 2Strokes
1FranceDavid Ravetto10 under parfinished6767134
2CanadaAaron Cockerill9 under parfinished7065135
2South AfricaDean Burmester9 under parfinished6570135
2South AfricaM. J. Daffue9 under parfinished6966135
5South AfricaLouis Oosthuizen8 under parfinished7066136
5South AfricaDylan Frittelli8 under parfinished7066136
7South AfricaDarren Fichardt7 under parfinished6770137
7EnglandNathan Kimsey7 under par770no score70
9South AfricaJ. C. Ritchie6 under parfinished7266138
9South AfricaBryce Easton6 under parfinished6969138
9SpainAlejandro Canizares6 under parfinished6969138
12South AfricaJames du Preez5 under parfinished7069139
12South AfricaDeon Germishuys5 under parfinished6772139
12South AfricaDaniel van Tonder5 under parfinished7267139
12SpainAdrian Otaegui5 under parfinished7069139
12South AfricaBranden Grace5 under par667no score67
12AustriaLukas Nemecz5 under par566no score66
12ScotlandScott Jamieson5 under par368no score68
12NetherlandsJoost Luiten5 under par369no score69
12South AfricaJaco Ahlers5 under par167no score67
12NorwayKristian Krogh Johannessen5 under par168no score68
22South AfricaThriston Lawrence4 under parfinished6971140
22South AfricaOckie Strydom4 under par768no score68
22EnglandDale Whitnell4 under par769no score69
22South AfricaWynand Dingle4 under par770no score70
22EnglandEddie Pepperell4 under par669no score69
22South AfricaDylan Mostert4 under par570no score70
22EnglandRoss Fisher4 under par371no score71
22GermanyAlexander Knappe4 under par368no score68
22SwedenTobias Eden4 under par268no score68
31DenmarkJoachim B. Hansen3 under parfinished7368141
31South AfricaWilco Nienaber3 under parfinished6873141
31DenmarkJohn Axelsen3 under parfinished7566141
31South AfricaErik van Rooyen3 under parfinished6972141
31Northern IrelandTom McKibbin3 under parfinished6873141
31South AfricaShaun Norris3 under parfinished7170141
31South AfricaChristiaan Bezuidenhout3 under par670no score70
31South AfricaOliver Bekker3 under par469no score69
31SpainJorge Campillo3 under par369no score69
31EnglandLaurie Canter3 under par368no score68
31South AfricaJaco Prinsloo3 under par370no score70
42South AfricaJean Hugo2 under parfinished7072142
42EnglandMatthew Southgate2 under parfinished7171142
42South AfricaCJ Du Plessis2 under parfinished7270142
42ZimbabweScott Vincent2 under parfinished7072142
42DenmarkMartin Leth Simonsen2 under parfinished7270142
42EnglandMatthew Baldwin2 under parfinished7270142
42South AfricaJayden Schaper2 under par869no score69
42South AfricaJ. J. Senekal2 under par870no score70
42United StatesGunner Wiebe2 under par772no score72
42South AfricaErnie Els2 under par570no score70
42South AfricaChristian Maas2 under par571no score71
42DenmarkNiklas Noergaard Moeller2 under par370no score70
42SpainSantiago Tarrio2 under par369no score69
42South AfricaLuke Jerling2 under par170no score70
56South AfricaMerrick Bremner1 under parfinished7865143
56NetherlandsWil Besseling1 under parfinished7172143
56South AfricaAdam Breen1 under parfinished7172143
56GermanyMarcel Siem1 under parfinished7172143
56FinlandSami Valimaki1 under parfinished7469143
56IcelandGudmundur Kristjansson1 under par771no score71
56EnglandTodd Clements1 under par669no score69
56PolandMateusz Gradecki1 under par572no score72
56SwedenJens Fahrbring1 under par370no score70
56South AfricaRichard Sterne1 under par271no score71
56GermanyNick Bachem1 under par272no score72
56United StatesJoshua Lee1 under par171no score71
56South AfricaNeil Schietekat1 under par170no score70
56EnglandDaniel Brown1 under par171no score71
70FranceMatthieu Pavonlevel parfinished7668144
70South AfricaJacquin Hesslevel parfinished7371144
70SwedenJens Dantorplevel parfinished7272144
70South AfricaLouis Albertselevel parfinished6876144
70EnglandDaniel Bradburylevel par774no score74
70NetherlandsDarius van Driellevel par671no score71
70South AfricaJacques Blaauwlevel par673no score73
70South AfricaHennie Du Plessislevel par572no score72
70South AfricaJustin Walterslevel par472no score72
70South AfricaJovan Rebulalevel par370no score70
70South AfricaKyle de Beerlevel par272no score72
70South AfricaLyle Rowelevel par272no score72
70ScotlandGrant Forrestlevel par172no score72
83South AfricaDivan van den Heever1 over parfinished7570145
83FranceJeong-Weon Ko1 over parfinished7273145
83United StatesSean Crocker1 over parfinished7471145
83South AfricaRourke van der Spuy1 over parfinished7273145
83South AfricaGeorge Coetzee1 over par773no score73
83PortugalStephen Ferreira1 over par574no score74
83ItalyEdoardo Molinari1 over par573no score73
83South AfricaAldrich Potgieter1 over par573no score73
83FranceAntoine Rozner1 over par471no score71
83JapanRyo Hisatsune1 over par371no score71
83SwedenPhilip Eriksson1 over par373no score73
83United StatesChase Hanna1 over par274no score74
83FranceRobin Sciot-Siegrist1 over par173no score73
83IrelandGary Hurley1 over par173no score73
97South AfricaLouis de Jager2 over parfinished7571146
97FranceClement Sordet2 over parfinished7274146
97SpainAngel Hidalgo2 over parfinished7175146
97South AfricaTristen Strydom2 over parfinished7373146
97South AfricaPieter Moolman2 over parfinished7670146
97South AfricaRupert Kaminski2 over par873no score73
97South AfricaDylan Naidoo2 over par775no score75
97South AfricaJbe' Kruger2 over par771no score71
97South AfricaCombrinck Smit2 over par372no score72
97South AfricaMatthew Spacey2 over par173no score73
97South AfricaNikhil Rama2 over par173no score73
97South AfricaToto Thimba Jr.2 over par174no score74
97South AfricaEstiaan Conradie2 over par174no score74
110EnglandMarcus Armitage3 over parfinished7968147
110South AfricaJean-Paul Strydom3 over parfinished7671147
110DenmarkChristoffer Bring3 over parfinished7572147
110South AfricaThomas Aiken3 over parfinished8067147
110EnglandSam Hutsby3 over parfinished7374147
110South AfricaYurav Premlall3 over parfinished7572147
110South AfricaKeagan Thomas3 over parfinished7077147
110SwitzerlandJeremy Freiburghaus3 over par875no score75
110South AfricaAnthony Michael3 over par772no score72
110South AfricaMartin Rohwer3 over par275no score75
110IrelandJohn Murphy3 over par275no score75
110South AfricaJake Redman3 over par174no score74
122SpainAlejandro Del Rey4 over parfinished7474148
122SwedenSimon Forsstroem4 over parfinished7771148
122South AfricaCasey Jarvis4 over parfinished7969148
122EnglandJames Morrison4 over parfinished7375148
122South AfricaCharl Schwartzel4 over parfinished7474148
122South AfricaGerard du Plooy4 over par876no score76
122South AfricaHerman Loubser4 over par773no score73
129South AfricaKeenan Davidse5 over par874no score74
129South AfricaKeith Horne5 over par376no score76
129South AfricaBrandon Stone5 over par177no score77
132South AfricaJaco van Zyl6 over parfinished7971150
132South AfricaRuan Korb6 over parfinished7971150
134NetherlandsDaan Huizing7 over parfinished8170151
135PortugalPedro Figueiredo8 over parfinished7478152
135FranceGary Stal8 over parfinished7676152
135South AfricaMJ Viljoen8 over parfinished7577152
135SwedenAnton Karlsson8 over par279no score79
139FranceJoel Stalter9 over parfinished7776153
139South AfricaMakgetha Mazibuko9 over parfinished7380153
139GermanyFreddy Schott9 over parfinished8271153
142South AfricaZander Lombard10 over parfinished7678154
142South AfricaAlbert Venter10 over parfinished7876154
142SwedenMikael Lindberg10 over parfinished7678154
145South AfricaRuan Conradie11 over parfinished7976155
145South AfricaHenning du Plooy11 over par183no score83
147United StatesBrooklin Bailey13 over parfinished7978157
147South AfricaLuke Brown13 over parfinished8275157
149South AfricaAlexander Haindl14 over parfinished8573158
149South AfricaMichael Palmer14 over parfinished7583158
151South AfricaThabang Simon15 over parfinished7881159
152South AfricaJastice Mashego17 over parfinished8477161
152ScotlandMarc Warren17 over parfinished7883161
152AustraliaHarvey Young17 over par188no score88
-South AfricaHeinrich Bruinersno scoreWithdrawnno scoreno scoreno score
-ChinaAshun Wuno scoreWithdrawn69no score69
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