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Bermuda Championship

29 October - 1 November 2020
Port Royal GC
Prize Money:
1United StatesClark8 under parfinished6668134
1United StatesArmour8 under parfinished6470134
3United StatesHickok7 under parfinished6768135
4United StatesSchniederjans6 under parfinished6670136
4United StatesMalnati6 under par1563no score63
4United StatesRedman6 under par1565no score65
7CanadaSloan5 under parfinished6770137
7EnglandDonald5 under parfinished6968137
7United StatesMcCarthy5 under parfinished7067137
7ThailandAphibarnrat5 under parfinished7166137
7United StatesGhim5 under par1364no score64
12United StatesGarnett4 under parfinished6870138
12IndiaLahiri4 under parfinished6870138
12IrelandHarrington4 under parfinished6771138
12ArgentinaGrillo4 under parfinished6672138
12United StatesGay4 under parfinished7068138
12United StatesPiercy4 under par1767no score67
18United StatesHossler3 under parfinished7168139
18United StatesMerritt3 under parfinished6970139
18United StatesHadley3 under parfinished6871139
18AustraliaM Jones3 under parfinished6871139
18United StatesAnderson3 under parfinished6970139
18United StatesUihlein3 under par1772no score72
18United StatesWagner3 under par1566no score66
25United StatesDugas2 under parfinished6674140
25United StatesCink2 under parfinished6674140
25AustriaStraka2 under parfinished7070140
25CanadaHearn2 under parfinished6872140
25South KoreaK-H Lee2 under parfinished7070140
25United StatesList2 under parfinished6872140
25United StatesV Taylor2 under parfinished6575140
25United StatesMcNealy2 under parfinished6971140
25United StatesSchenk2 under par1569no score69
25United StatesBrehm2 under par1368no score68
25NorwayVentura2 under par1370no score70
25United StatesLebioda2 under par1368no score68
37United StatesStallings1 under parfinished6873141
37United StatesStreb1 under parfinished6774141
37United StatesRodgers1 under parfinished6873141
37United StatesGordon1 under parfinished6972141
37United StatesFunk1 under parfinished6972141
37United StatesMahan1 under parfinished6675141
37United StatesWise1 under parfinished6873141
37ScotlandKnox1 under par1767no score67
37United StatesTway1 under par1668no score68
37United StatesHoma1 under par1669no score69
37United StatesMcCumber1 under par1468no score68
37DenmarkHoejgaard1 under par1470no score70
37United StatesSuh1 under par1369no score69
37CanadaGligic1 under par1368no score68
51United StatesBramlettlevel parfinished6973142
51United StatesTrahanlevel parfinished6775142
51United StatesSwaffordlevel parfinished6775142
51United StatesPutnamlevel parfinished6973142
51United StatesBarneslevel parfinished7171142
51AustraliaPercylevel parfinished7072142
51EnglandWillettlevel par1767no score67
51ColombiaVillegaslevel par1772no score72
51AustraliaSendenlevel par1768no score68
51United StatesZalatorislevel par1669no score69
51United StatesOppenheimlevel par1268no score68
62United StatesMiller1 over parfinished7172143
62United StatesMitchell1 over parfinished7073143
62IrelandPower1 over parfinished6974143
62VenezuelaVegas1 over parfinished6776143
62South AfricaGrace1 over parfinished7370143
62United StatesByrd1 over parfinished7073143
62United StatesPerez1 over parfinished7172143
62EnglandBen Taylor1 over parfinished7172143
62United StatesGarrigus1 over parfinished6974143
62United StatesDufner1 over par1771no score71
62United StatesStanley1 over par1670no score70
62United StatesPoints1 over par1670no score70
62United StatesHoag1 over par1471no score71
62United StatesStuard1 over par1467no score67
62United StatesWalker1 over par1373no score73
62United StatesBorchert1 over par1373no score73
78United StatesWatney2 over parfinished7371144
78SpainCabrera2 over parfinished7173144
78United StatesTringale2 over parfinished7074144
78AustraliaGibson2 over parfinished6876144
78IndiaAtwal2 over par1575no score75
78United StatesVan Pelt2 over par1571no score71
78United StatesSucher2 over par1468no score68
78United StatesWhaley2 over par1270no score70
86United StatesHaas3 over parfinished7471145
86SwedenNorlander3 over parfinished7075145
86New ZealandWilkinson3 over parfinished7174145
86United StatesSeiffert3 over parfinished6580145
86United StatesBlaum3 over par1571no score71
86United StatesMartin3 over par1573no score73
86United StatesStefani3 over par1568no score68
86United StatesOda3 over par1373no score73
86United StatesGellerman3 over par1273no score73
95United StatesTeater4 over parfinished6680146
95United StatesReeves4 over parfinished6977146
95United StatesM Kim4 over parfinished7571146
95ArgentinaLedesma4 over parfinished6878146
95United StatesLovemark4 over parfinished7175146
95Puerto RicoCampos4 over parfinished7571146
95United StatesTodd4 over par1771no score71
95ArgentinaGomez4 over par1472no score72
95United StatesHagy4 over par1373no score73
104BermudaSims5 over parfinished7374147
104DenmarkBjerregaard5 over parfinished7176147
104EnglandLewis5 over par1671no score71
104AustraliaBaddeley5 over par1575no score75
104United StatesNicholas5 over par1274no score74
109South KoreaBae6 over parfinished7177148
109United StatesGainey6 over parfinished7375148
109United StatesSchniederjans6 over parfinished7276148
109United StatesMcNeill6 over parfinished7276148
109United StatesBryan6 over par1770no score70
109United StatesStadler6 over par1675no score75
109United StatesHarrington6 over par1569no score69
109United StatesRoach6 over par1370no score70
117United StatesVarner III7 over parfinished6980149
117United StatesEvery7 over parfinished7673149
117United StatesBurgoon7 over par1476no score76
117CanadaDeLaet7 over par1474no score74
121United StatesStankowski8 over parfinished7476150
121United StatesKraft8 over parfinished7278150
121GermanyCejka8 over parfinished7674150
121United StatesErnst8 over parfinished7575150
125United StatesGumberg9 over parfinished7576151
125United StatesBaker9 over parfinished7180151
127BermudaSmith10 over parfinished7181152
128United StatesBozzelli11 over parfinished8172153
129United StatesFunk12 over parfinished7381154
130United StatesHoffman14 over par1673no score73
131United StatesPhipps19 over parfinished7685161
-SwedenStensonno scoreWithdrawn69no score69
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