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Charles Schwab Challenge

23 - 26 May 2019
Colonial Country Club
Prize Money:
1United StatesNa9 under parno score706269no score201
2CanadaHughes7 under parno score687065no score203
2Chinese TaipeiPan7 under parno score686768no score203
2United StatesFuryk7 under parno score696668no score203
2United StatesFinau7 under parno score646871no score203
2United StatesSpieth7 under parno score657068no score203
7United StatesHoffman6 under parno score707163no score204
7United StatesCook6 under parno score726765no score204
9SwedenBlixt5 under parno score676474no score205
9United StatesPalmer5 under parno score686968no score205
9United StatesWatney5 under parno score676870no score205
12EnglandHatton4 under parno score716669no score206
12United StatesPiercy4 under parno score706868no score206
12United StatesPutnam4 under parno score697067no score206
15United StatesGay3 under parno score697167no score207
15United StatesDufner3 under parno score676872no score207
15United StatesTway3 under parno score687069no score207
15SlovakiaSabbatini3 under parno score686673no score207
15ArgentinaGrillo3 under parno score697068no score207
15United StatesUihlein3 under parno score677367no score207
15CanadaSloan3 under parno score657270no score207
22United StatesEvery2 under parno score706969no score208
23United StatesMullinax1 under par8676975no score211
23United StatesHoma1 under par7706873no score211
23United StatesWalker1 under par4677470no score211
23ScotlandKnox1 under par2716871no score210
23United StatesHadley1 under par2677271no score210
23United StatesHoge1 under par2706971no score210
23United StatesLong1 under par2706971no score210
23United StatesHorschel1 under par1726969no score210
23United StatesTeater1 under parno score687071no score209
23United StatesSnedeker1 under parno score746768no score209
23GermanyKaymer1 under parno score736571no score209
23United StatesStreelman1 under parno score697169no score209
23ScotlandLaird1 under parno score726968no score209
23United StatesToms1 under parno score716870no score209
23United StatesHenry1 under parno score677369no score209
23United StatesBerger1 under parno score716771no score209
39CanadaConnerslevel par10697371no score213
39IndiaLahirilevel par7687172no score211
39United StatesHarmanlevel par6706972no score211
39United StatesV Taylorlevel par4746770no score211
39United StatesBozzellilevel par1736968no score210
44United StatesHossler1 over par11707172no score213
44United StatesGooch1 over par10727071no score213
44South Africavan Aswegen1 over par6697171no score211
44United StatesBurns1 over par5697270no score211
44ItalyF Molinari1 over par4717070no score211
49VenezuelaVegas2 over par14746773no score214
49United StatesMalnati2 over par12746772no score213
49United StatesGarnett2 over par9736673no score212
49United StatesBrown2 over par9677372no score212
49ChileNiemann2 over par4717070no score211
54South AfricaGrace3 over par13717172no score214
54CanadaSilverman3 over par8697172no score212
54South KoreaK-H Lee3 over par8726971no score212
54New ZealandD Lee3 over par5697171no score211
58United StatesPotter Jr.4 over par14707272no score214
58United StatesChamp4 over par14707272no score214
58United StatesCrane4 over par10756771no score213
58United StatesStroud4 over par10727071no score213
62MexicoAncer5 over par17687275no score215
62EnglandFitzpatrick5 over par16697175no score215
62United StatesStuard5 over par14707273no score215
62CanadaWeir5 over par12717172no score214
62AustraliaBaddeley5 over par11736971no score213
62United StatesHaas5 over par9697172no score212
68EnglandRose6 over par16746774no score215
69South KoreaAn7 over parfinished69727769287
70United StatesLashley8 over par17697175no score215
71EnglandPoulter9 over par13736972no score214
72United StatesHerron11 over parfinished72687774291
73Northern IrelandMcDowell12 over parfinished71717872292
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