Amy Tinkler happy with World Cup bronze after injury-hit preparation

Amy Tinkler
Amy Tinkler has moved her training camp from County Durham to Essex

Olympic bronze medallist Amy Tinkler performed beyond her expectations at last weekend's World Cup of Gymnastics at London's O2 Arena to win bronze, after an injury-affected preparation.

The 17-year-old had a calf injury that hampered her training.

However, she finished in third place, behind Germany's Tabea Alt and United States Olympian Victoria Nguyen.

"I only started training a week or two before, so I had to go in with watered down routines," Tinkler told BBC Tees.

"To still come away with a bronze with those watered down routines, I'm really happy.

"I didn't expect a medal, so getting a bronze was great and makes me want to get back in the gym and work harder."

Tinkler, from Bishop Auckland in County Durham, has moved her training camp to Essex on the back of her Olympic achievements last year.

Her main goal for this year is to compete in the World Championships that take place in Montreal in October.

"Making the team would be a good start for me, and if that happens I'll go out and enjoy it," she added.

"I'll see what happens really. I don't have any targets.

"It's in Canada, I've never been there before I'll just go out and enjoy it and see what happens."

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