Great Britain finish sixth at Olympic handball test event

Great Britain's Lyn Byl shoots
Britain had failed to win a semi-final place against 17th-ranked Austria

Great Britain's women finished sixth at the Olympic Handball Arena test event after losing 22-17 to Slovakia.

The team had missed out on a semi-final place when they were beaten 31-23 by Austria in their second match.

Britain upset African champions Angola on Wednesday but needed a one-goal defeat or better against Austria.

Coach Jesper Holmris said they were not satisfied after staying in touch until the midway point, only to be overcome in the latter stages.

Speaking after the defeat by Austria, Holmris said: "We thought we had a good chance, but we are disappointed with the performance more than a loss.

"It is a very different feeling than the game the other day but we have come a long way. But we want more and we are not satisfied. We had some good performances from our wing players but that wasn't enough."