Hard work key to Leicester Ladies success - Mayer

Leicester Ladies head coach Chris Mayer says hard work was the key to his side's Premier League final victory over Reading.

Leicester came from behind in last Sunday's final to win on penalty shots.

Mayer told BBC Radio Leicester:external-link "I don't think we played very well on the ball. I was very disappointed with the way we played.

"We had to dig deep. One thing you can do when you are not playing well is you can work hard."

Leicester lost to Reading in last year's final and last weekend's victory means they are now outdoor and indoor champions.

But Mayer felt his side performed poorly on the big occasion.

"I was not happy with the way we executed when we won the ball," he added.

"We just could not get the connections and it was so stop-start with our play.

"We had to stick to our defensive shape and we put bodies on the line and we really did want to win it."