Great Britain tie series with Argentina after 0-0 draw

Nick Catlin
Nick Catlin claimed his 150th international cap for England and Great Britain

Great Britain were held to a 0-0 draw by Argentina to tie their two-Test series at Bisham Abbey.

Nick Catlin notched his 150th combined GB and England cap, while Dan Shingles reached the 50 appearances mark.

There were few clear-cut chances for either side, but the displays offered hope for Britain ahead of the World League semi-finalsexternal-link in June.

"The group looks very promising right now," said GB head coach Bobby Crutchley.

Great Britain had arguably the best chance of the match in the closing stages with Barry Middleton clear, but half-time substitute goalkeeper Joaquin Berthold slid out to block the GB captain's shot.

The sides drew their first game 1-1 on Thursday thanks to Ashley Jackson's late penalty corner for Great Britain.

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