Where did your horse finish?

Full finishing order of the 2012 Grand National

1. Neptune Collonges (Daryl Jacob) 33-1

2. Sunnyhillboy (Richie McLernon) 16-1

3. Seabass (Ms Katie Walsh) 8-1JF

4. Cappa Bleu (Paul Moloney) 16-1

5. In Compliance (Niall Madden) 100-1

6. Ballabriggs

7. Hello Bud

8. Tharawaat

9. Shakalakaboomboom

10. Swing Bill

11. The Midnight Club

12. Planet of Sound

13. Neptune Equester

14. Calgary Bay

15. Midnight Haze


Fence 1: Viking Blond (fell)

Fence 2: Junior (fell), West End Rocker (fell)

Fence 5: Chicago Grey (brought down), Rare Bob (brought down), State of Play (unseated)

Fence 6 (Becher's Brook): Synchronised (fell)

Fence 7 (Foinavon): Alfa Beat (fell)

Fence 8 (Canal Turn): Black Apalachi (fell), Tatenen (unseated), Organisedconfusion (unseated), Killyglen (unseated), Becauseicouldntsee (unseated)

Fence 10: Treacle (fell), Arbor Supreme (unseated)

Fence 11 (Open Ditch): Giles Cross (pulled up)

Fence 15 (The Chair): Always Right (unseated)

Fence 17: Quiscover Fontaine (fell)

Fence 19 (Open Ditch): Deep Purple (pulled up), Vic Venturi (refused)

Fence 22 (Becher's Brook): According to Pete (fell), On His Own (fell), Mon Mome (pulled up), Postmaster (pulled up)

Fench 27 (Open Ditch): Weird Al (fell)

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