Racehorse Rebel Rover survives two-hour, 11km swim in Brisbane

Rebel Rover
Rebel Rover is due to return to the track in March

A racehorse has survived a two-hour swim, covering 11km, after being scared during a training run on a beach in Brisbane, Australia.

Rebel Rover was being trained in chest-high water at Sandgate beach when he unseated his rider and headed deeper.

The five-year-old gelding was picked up by the Brisbane Water Police and a marine rescue unit.

"He was in about four metres of water and he was swimming quite freely," said Volunteer Marine Rescue's Glen Philip.external-link

Rebel Rover, with a track record of misdemeanours, has only recently made a comeback after being banned for misbehaving in the stalls.

Trainer Brad Smith told ABC Newsexternal-link that horses could swim, but did not normally do so very much.

"Any other horse, 20 minutes would probably see them out, but this horse - he must have a pretty amazing lung capacity," he said.

"The vet looked at him yesterday and again this morning and he's pretty well amazed with how he's coped with it all.

Brisbane's Courier Mailexternal-link reports he still had enough energy to head butt one of his support team, knocking them unconscious and putting them in hospital.

Rebel Rover has won three of his 12 races.