Musselburgh Racecourse: BHA issues temporary licence to end of year

Musselburgh Racecourse
Horseracing was first held at Musselburgh Racecourse back in 1777

Musselburgh Racecourse has been granted a temporary licence until the end of the year.

The British Horseracing Authority decision follows a dispute with East Lothian Council, which holds the majority on the management committee, over the track's administration.

The Musselburgh Joint Racing Committee has agreed to an independent review of its governance.

Forthcoming fixtures on 14 and 25 July can now go ahead as planned.

The BHA says a nine-month timeline for completion and implementation of recommendations has been put in place after talks.

"We hope the proposed independent governance review will create a modern blueprint which puts the interests of the racecourse first and prevents any similar situation from arising in the future," said Bill Farnsworth, the racecourse's chief executive.

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