Rick Strachan signs new Nottingham Panthers contract

Rick Strachan & Corey Neilson
Strachan & Neilson won two trophies last season

Assistant coach Rick Strachan has signed a new contract with Nottingham Panthers to work alongside player-coach Corey Neilson.

Strachan joined the club last December and the duo went on to win the play-offs and Challenge Cup last season.

Neilson said: "Rick fits in well with the set-up here and he played a part in our spectacular finish to the season just gone."

Forward Marc Levers and defenceman Stevie Lee have both also returned.

"Both Stevie and Leves are going to be very important players with us next season," Neilson added.

"Stevie was playing hurt for many weeks of last season and went straight onto the operating theatre bed after the final, but he just sucked it up and got on with his job for us.

"Marc was arguably the best defensive-minded British forward in the league and that's another key role.

"With the number of imports being set at one less than last year the importance of the British players cannot be over-emphasised."