Oxford City Stars boss Gary Dent demands improvement

Oxford City Stars
Stars finished the Division One South 2010/11 season in ninth place

Oxford City Stars boss Gary Dent has demanded an improvement on his side's performances in the English National Division One South next season.

The Stars finished ninth out of 11 teams last term.

"We've got to improve on ninth, it's not a comfortable position to end up in each year," Dent told BBC Oxford.

"It's tough to compete against the top four clubs, who have more resources than us, but we'll look to try for the top four, if not then the top five."

Stars almost have a complete roster for next season having re-signed 10 of their players for the new season.

Netminder Chris Douglas and ex-Star Josh Florey have also been added to the squad for the new campaign and Dent is hopeful the new players will adapt quickly to the South division.

"We are still making changes and getting a few new younger players and historically that has worked out well for us," he said.

"But it depends how well people blend together and the attitude they show, if they can get off to a good start and get some confidence then we could be in for a good year.

"But at the same time we can't be sure of that because we aren't entirely certain how everyone will blend and if they will step up."