Coach Bruce Richardson leaves Braehead Clan

Braehead Clan player/coach Bruce Richardson
Richardson was named Ice Hockey Journalists Coach of the Year last term

Braehead Clan have confirmed that player/coach Bruce Richardson is to leave the club.

Richardson, nominated for Elite League coach of the year, is set to take up a coaching offer in North America.

The Canadian led Clan to fifth place in last season's Elite League as well as victory in the Aladdin 20/20 Cup.

"This decision was the toughest I have ever had to make in my career. My time in Scotland will never be forgotten and will always be in my heart," he said.

"Everybody was aware that I wanted to coach in North America and use that as a stepping stone to coach in the big league one day.

"When the opportunity to coach in North America and not have to uproot my family came along, it was a great one.

"To coach near my hometown, where I can live at home and have a stable life for my wife and kids and where I can work and concentrate on achieving my goals, is too good an opportunity for me to pass up," added Richardson.